Web-side file packaging. zip download

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Use the Ant.jar Package API for folder packaging. Directly on the code:

1String zipfilename = "Test.zip";2File ZipFile =NewFile (zipfilename);3Org.apache.tools.ant.types.FileSet Fileset =NewFileset ();4Org.apache.tools.ant.Project PRJ =NewProject ();5Org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Zip Zip =NewZip ();6 Zip.setproject (PRJ);7 Zip.setdestfile (ZipFile);8 Fileset.setproject (PRJ);9 fileset.setdir (file);//This is the setting for the path to the files. Ten Zip.addfileset (fileset); One Zip.execute (); AHttpServletResponse response =Super. Currentresponse; -Response.setheader ("Content-type", "Application/zip"); -Response.setheader ("Content-disposition", "attachment;filename=" + urlencoder.encode (zipfilename, "UTF-8")); theOutputStream OS =Response.getoutputstream (); -InputStream is =NewFileInputStream (ZipFile); - Downloadutil.transfer (is, OS); -Zipfile.delete ();

If you do not want to download all of the files under the file path while downloading, it will be a part of the file that fits your needs.

The following example, in addition to check the requirements, but also the remote file operation, using the connection obtained by channelsftp, file read and download.

As follows:

private com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp         Channel;//This line is a class member variable
1String Zipfilename =Getserverzipfilename (inputfilename);2 3         if(Channel = =NULL|| !channel.isconnected ()) {4Channel =Sftputils.connect (Sftphost, Integer.parseint (Sftpport), Sftpusername, Sftppassword);//Get Connected. 5         }6 7HttpServletResponse response =Super. Currentresponse;8 9         Try {Ten             BooleanIsmultifilesname =Ismultifilesname (inputfilename); OneVector <com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.LsEntry> vs =channel.ls (LogFilePath); A             if(Vs.isempty ()) { -                 return false; -}Else { theResponse.setheader ("Content-type", "Application/octet-stream"); -Response.setheader ("Content-disposition", "attachment;filename=" + urlencoder.encode (zipfilename, "UTF-8")); -OutputStream out =Response.getoutputstream (); -Java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream zipout =NewZipoutputstream (NewBufferedoutputstream (out)); +                  for(Lsentry Entry:vs) { -                     if(Entry.getattrs (). toString (). StartsWith ("-")) { +String EntryName =entry.getfilename (); A                         if(Ismultifilesname && entryname.startswith (inputfilename.substring (0, Inputfilename.length ()-1)) at&&!entryname.matches ("^.*[\\*]+.*$") | |entryname.equals (InputFileName)) {//Rules-compliant files do output processing -Java.util.zip.ZipEntry ZipEntry =NewZipEntry (entryname); - zipout.putnextentry (zipentry); -InputStream bis = channel.get (LogFilePath +entryname); Note here that the name of the file under the target directory cannot have *, otherwise the target of this step get method may be multiple files and error.  -                             if(bis! =NULL) { -                                 intCount = 0; in                                 byte[] buffer =New byte[8192]; -                                  while((count = bis.read (buffer)) > 0) { toZipout.write (buffer, 0, count); +                                 } - bis.close (); the                             } *                         } $                     }Panax Notoginseng                 } - zipout.close (); the             } +}Catch(Exception e) { A Response.reset (); the e.printstacktrace (); +             return false; -}finally { $             if(Channel! =NULL&&!channel.isclosed ()) { $ channel.getsession (). disconnect (); - Channel.disconnect (); -             } the}

Web-side file packaging. zip download

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