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Web site backup refers to the process of keeping the data of a website in some way so that it can be used again in the event of damage to the website system or otherwise. In Web site management, data security is the primary task of Web site managers, and data backup and recovery work becomes the main means to protect the integrity and security of the website system data.

Virtual host because the price is cheap, so the service may not be very reliable, perhaps the day is off or inaccessible, so the site backup for the virtual host is particularly important, as a webmaster should be how to make their own site backup, the following Moonlight blog on a few common site backup methods.

  Manual backup

Manual backups are the most basic method of backup, for most sites, the site's program code changes less, mainly the changes in the database, so you can be a one-time full station program and database through FTP and other ways to back up to the local hard disk, if you encounter a site template or file changes, then the change after the manual download backup, For database files, the database is exported to a file through a phpMyAdmin and other management program, which is then periodically downloaded from the Web site to avoid loss of data.

The problem with manual backup is that the real time is not strong, rely on manual operation, inefficient, if you encounter unexpected events, the database may lose days or even longer time data.

  Use the panel to back up your program with your own

Many virtual host panel programs will have their own backup restore function, the use of these features of the Panel program will greatly improve the efficiency of backup and recovery, such as the common Panel program cpanel with the backup feature can make it easy for users to back up the entire site and all or part of the database, Full-space backup steps in the cpanel panel are:

First, login to the site's cpanel Control Panel, click the Backups button to enter the Backup page.

1. Backup full station file, click here homedirectory button, will automatically start downloading a compressed file, this compressed file is the public_html directory of all the files, the site source program will be downloaded to the local computer.

2. Back up the database, click Databases the name of the database below, will start to download the corresponding database compression package, if there are more than one database, you should click and download it all. To complete the entire station file and database download completed a full station backup. If you have problems later, you can use these backup files to use the upload feature on the right to perform lossless recovery.

  Using the backup feature of the Web site system

Most web site programs will have their own backup functions, some do not provide themselves, there will be third-party developers to help make the extension program. For example, for WordPress, there are extensions like WordPress database backup that can be used to make a backup of WordPress databases.

  Automatic backup with Third-party tools

Using a Third-party tool backup is one of the most flexible forms of backup, with relatively high efficiency, but relies more on the resources provided by the server itself and cannot be backed up by Third-party tools if the server does not provide some functionality. The third party tool recommended here is Dropbox, which supports a variety of operating systems with no maximum single file limit, free account total capacity of 5G, and enough for a single site backup. The advantage of Dropbox for site backup is that it supports file versioning and enables the recovery of historical versions of files, which is very important for the site.

How to install and use Dropbox on a virtual host see this article.

In short, whether the site of the whole station backup or a regular backup of the site database, operation is not difficult, it is important to establish a site backup concept, otherwise, once the site accident will be too late.

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