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A site to do optimization, first step to the site to make a diagnosis report, to find out where the problem, then can be targeted, then exactly how to give a site to do the optimal diagnosis report?

The website optimizes the diagnosis report, mainly looks the following several aspects:

First, the Web site host Server diagnostics

(1) Server: mainly from the quality of the server, place the address and the same IP on a total number of sites, the server's response speed, the host under the site has been punished by the search engine.

Second, the site ranking and site rankings query results

(1) Domain name: suffix form domain name age PR value situation alexa ranked Chinarank domain name whether contains keywords.

Third, search engine number and reverse link number query results

(1) Baidu included quantity and external chain

(2) Google included quantity and external chain

(3) Yahoo included quantity and external chain

Iv. diagnosis and optimization of keyword ranking

Keywords in Baidu Google Yahoo ranked situation search heat and related search volume, as well as the long tail of the setting of keywords.

Page title Diagnosis and optimization

Title length control whether the title is written correctly or not, there are keywords.

Vi. META tag diagnostics and optimization

Description label writing and length control, as well as the location and number of keywords appear keywords label.

Vii. User Experience (UE) Diagnostics and optimization

Site settings are consistent with the visitor's custom and function settings are reasonable.

VIII. website promotion and marketing methods

1, Directory Landing Promotion

In the major Sites directory, classification directory, industry directory to submit credit card network.

2, Friendship link promotion

and related sites for friendship links, one can improve the PR value of the site, two can bring traffic to the site.

3. e-Mail Marketing

On a regular or irregular basis, send a promotional message on credit cards to the user, subject to the license of the registered user.

4, soft article promotion marketing

Writing can bring real value to users of the soft text (of course, attach a link to the credit card network), published on various platforms, such as popular forums, Baidu know and so on.

5, Forum Promotion Marketing

And the above soft text marketing combination, but also through the signature, answer member questions and other ways to promote marketing.

6. Free Strategy Marketing

Take advantage of people's cheap psychology, giving free gifts to inspire people to apply for credit card enthusiasm.

7, search bidding rankings

This is a paid promotion marketing method. The current credit card network has bought Baidu search page on the right side of the bidding rankings, you can try Google's AdWords ads, the effect may be better.

8. Affiliate Marketing

9. Promote marketing under the line

Also known as the promotion of marketing under the net, is not to use the network but the use of traditional media marketing methods, such as the use of newspapers, magazines, television, business cards, brochures and so on to promote marketing, but also through the holding of activities to promote marketing.

10. Other means that can be thought of

Nine: Website source code

Whether concise, less use JS, remove invalid characters and code, the directory structure clear.

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