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First step, bind the new domain name to a separate space

Generally we are using the VPS or not limit the number of virtual host, as far as possible to keep the original IP unchanged, my side in the old site with the IP VPS host under a new domain name site, so that we can ensure that the original site IP unchanged, because the site frequent replacement of IP will also be affected.

Second step, copy the data to the new site

The old site under the site files and databases copied to the new site, here in fact only need to move the files to the new site. Because I am using a wordpress program, so in the database to modify 2 URLs for the new address, and secondly, I use the bulk of the content to replace the content of the old URL to the new address.

The third step, parsing the new domain name check path

We need to resolve the new domain name to the IP, and then after the effective check whether the site can be opened, data, such as whether to maintain the same as the original site.

The fourth step, the old site full station 301

This is more important, we need to keep the original path unchanged, not all jump to the new site home page, such as www. com/url/also need to jump to www. new domain name. com/url/such address, we need to set the whole station 301. Can put the old site under the. Replace the htaccess file with

Rewriteengine on
Rewriterule ^ (. *) $ http://www.laozuo.org/$1 [r=301,l]

* Note To modify the above URL laozuo.org for your new site address URL, so we can achieve the full station 301.

Fifth step, keep the new site updated

We need to keep new site updates and appropriate links in the near future, let the search engine know we replace the new address, as well as let the user know that we replace the new address will need to be in a significant location on the site to tell the user the URL of the new address, if there is a need to contact the Exchange link replacement.

In this way, through a simple five steps, you can complete the old domain name to replace the new domain name, and the weight loss rate of the site down to the lowest point.

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Web site replace new domain name

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