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The Hao123 of the present, 265 of the financing, such as a series of related Web site events, greatly stimulated the Chinese netizens copy enthusiasm, a time web site, the results of the site is now a dime a lot of people put the Web site said nothing, as if the site is not at all necessary, I think the site is really too much, But the site also has its value, the key is to find the right to do the direction of the station and methods.

The first thing I want to emphasize is the direction. If you do all-inclusive similar hao123 like that, advised you not to trouble, no one will pay attention to you, even if you use rogue plug-ins to promote, but also short-term to give you the flow of pleasure. Because netizens have been hao123.265 etc to cultivate the Internet habits, your station if no characteristics, it is almost impossible to do up. Therefore, first find a good direction: Vertical Web site, the content of the finer the better, only in depth more effort, can become hao123,265 and so on the second.

Again, we should talk about how to do Web site. Traffic determines everything, no traffic there is no money.

(1) We are now a lot of Web site collection are some famous stations or everyone knows the station, in fact, this is not necessary, these sites will never give links, if we give up these name stations, but has been included in the site to bring you the traffic as it in your site location of the measurement criteria. For example, the tune network included entertainment stations, if we bring you more traffic, you put us in the more prominent position, so that everyone can be mutually beneficial, so that you can stimulate the inclusion of the site to bring you more traffic, of course, these traffic may not be true, but can definitely let you stand out in a short time.

(2) Strengthen cooperation. should be with some entity website cooperation, this can attract more attention, for example has a mobile phone website station, can and some 3GP website cooperation, movie class website, can and the Computer class website cooperation. One of the most important is the cooperation with the Internet bar entities, it is certain that the Internet Café home ads and desktop ads will become a hot spot, this effect is better.

(3) Do a good job of website description. In the Web site only a few sites above the name of the link, which is not enough to allow visitors to better understand the site, should have an objective introduction. such as a certain site that column to do well, that column more features, included in the content should also be included in a complementary web site.

(4) Conventional promotion. Almost every webmaster knows Seo,bbs propaganda and so on, these are the more real way to pull.

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