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This article will introduce WebInspector: Introduction to debugging Js in SublimeText. For more information, see Sublime Text. It is a very good cross-platform editor with beautiful user interfaces and powerful functions, such as code thumbnails, multiple choices, and quick commands. You can also customize Key Binding, menus, and toolbar. Sublime Text provides the following functions: spelling check, bookmarks, complete Python API, Goto, instant project switching, multiple options, and multiple windows.

In addition, there are many Sublime Text plug-ins, which can be conveniently installed and managed through the package management tool. The Sublime Web Inspector introduced in this article is one of the many plug-ins that provides excellent development assistance to help Web developers directly debug JavaScript code in Sublime Text.

Sublime Web Inspector has the following features:


In the editor, you can set and delete breakpoints.


View All console messages by level.


ClickName: lineYou can navigate to the file and code line. ClickObjectThe property of the plug-in object.


On the breakpoint, you can see the code running stack and all variables (local, global, and closure ).

Run the selected code snippet

Similar to Firebug's add monitoring function.

Sublime Text 2 download Sublime Web Inspector

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