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Most web designers and front-end engineers will use Firefox (Firefox), because Firefox's rich web development auxiliary plug-ins can provide us with many good features, such as Html,css,js error, find bugs, and so on. So here are some of the current popular Firefox web development plug-ins.

Development tools

1. Web Developer 1.1.8

A variety of practical tools for Web pages (X) HTML, scripting, multimedia, CSS, caching, graphics, etc., in the form of toolbars. So that we can easily get more information on the Web page, so that we have a better understanding of the current Web page.
Description: Ultra-strong web analytics tools, developers must install.

2. Firebug 1.5.0

Firebug is a plugin under Firefox, can debug all the website language, such as HTML,CSS, but Firebug most attracted me is the JavaScript debugging function, very convenient to use, and in various browsers can be used (Ie,firefox, Opera, Safari), it's unbelievable. In addition, other functions are very powerful. For example, Html,css,dom and debugging, website analysis and so on. In short, it is a complete and powerful web development tool.
Description: View, edit, Debug page css,html,javascript. Ultra-strong development and commissioning tools, developers must install.

3. Linrlightweb 0.2.1

Before installing, make sure you have installed the Firebug plugin, get firebug please visit: http://getfirebug.com/
1. Open the Web page editing mode, free to edit the page--fiddler good partner;
2. Super strong selector, find operation Mark;
3. Refresh the CSS without refreshing the whole page;
4. Quickly set the CSS sprites background, the mouse can be dragged to get position;
5. Keep the login status, the session is not period;
6. Simultaneous release of IE version, chrome version.
Description: Very strong web development tools.

4. View Source Char 2.7

Draw the source code for the Web page of a color-coded chart.
Description: Display very good-looking source code, grading indent, different color distinction.

5. Tamper Data 11.0.0

The real meaning of the Tamper data is "tampering with the information" (or custom HTTP request): Intercepting every HTTP request made by the browser, prompting us to choose whether to customize it or not to commit it directly or to terminate the currently intercepted request. Then, depending on our choice, whether to open a custom window, submit the request directly to the WEB server, or terminate the current request.
Description: View the header for Firefox send and receive requests, especially before making a request, you can modify the header.

6. JavaScript Debuger

Venkman, the Mozilla debugger, is a free tool for Mozilla (Firefox)
Description: JavaScript Debugger in Firefox environment, powerful script debugging tools.

7. Live Http Headers 0.15

can be used to monitor the originating HTTP request and response in real time, or to initiate a request after modifying the request parameters.
Description: Browse the page and record all HTTP headers.

8. Add N Edit Cookies


View and modify the local Cookie,cookie spoofing prerequisites.
Description: To view and modify cookies, the inconvenient place is to display all the browser cookies and not just the current page.

9. XPath Checker 0.4.1

This tool is not a lot of said, is installed directly after the use of the Internet to see the usage, the beginning did not understand, and then know that the right mouse button on the page, the following has a view XPath, click on it.
Description: It is said that XPath can be debugged.

YSlow 2.0.6

YSlow analyzes Web pages and proposes how to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high-performance Web pages.
Description: Can help us analyze the slow web page reason, it is based on Firebug, also can browse the elements of the Web page, such as Js,css.

HTML validation

HTML Validator (based on CSE HTML Validator) 1.2.3

HTML Validator is a Firefox extension that can find and flag errors on HTML pages. The HTML validator is based on tidy, and tidy was originally a tool that the consortium developed for validating HTML code.
Description: The famous CSE HTML Validator engine.

Relaxed the HTML Validator 0.9.5

Relaxed the HTML Validator 0.9.5 This is an HTML-validated widget that can easily detect the wrong HTML code for the page.
Description: Directly on the current page for HTML validation, the interface is clear and intuitive.

Total Validator 6.2.0

This software helps you to check whether your Web page meets the standards and the results will help you solve the problem quickly.
Description: The current page in http://www.totalvalidator.com do HTML Validation, output results in the red word for syntax correction, more friendly. However, the speed is a bit slow and the results are not easy to save because they are validated by other websites.

Page Design

MeasureIt 0.3.92

Displays the width, height, and element indent in pixels (px) by using a scale ruler that can be plotted anywhere on the page.
Note: You can measure the width of any selection area on the page, which is very helpful to the interface designer.

Colorzilla 2.0.2

With Colorzilla you can read color values from any point in the browser, quickly adjust colors, and paste them into other applications. You can scale the page you are viewing or measure the distance between any two points on the page.
Description: From the page, or color palette, you can zoom the page.


Rankquest SEO Toolbar 3.9.2

Check the site in search engines and Alexa status
Description: SEO tool plug-ins, access to a page, display this page of various rankings and SEO information.

Adsense Preview 1.5

Put Google ads on your Web page
Description: Displays Google ads on the current page to help determine the location of the advertisement.

Other tools

Hackbar 1.4.2

Contains a few common tools. (SQL INJECTION,XSS, encryption, etc.)
Description: Fast strings for a variety of coding tools, MD5, Base64, UrlEncode, UrlDecode.

Document Map 0.6.1

Show the sidebar in the title structure of the current page let's quickly navigate between ...
Description: Provides page resource structure information.

IE View Lite 1.3.5

The IE View Lite version integrates options into the right-click Association menu with a toolbar button added.
Description: Right-click can choose to open the page in IE, help debugging across the browser.

TimeStamp Converter 2.0.0

The date and timestamps will be converted. The context menu option converts the selected timestamp to a date.
Note: You can also manually convert the timestamp timestamp to date/time by dropping the conversion from the context.

Timestampdecode 0.1.8

Treats the selected number as a timestamp and displays a decoded date/time.
Description: Converts the selected number as a timestamp timestamp to date/time.

Fire Encrypter 4.0

Description: Encrypt the text into the cipher text of various algorithms, even including Morse code.

Add-in-one Sidebar

Omni-directional multi-function sidebar.
Description: Add the toolbar on the left side of the browser to open bookmarks, history, Plug-ins, etc.

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