WebLogic Throws platform Mbeanserver exception

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Production environment These two days weblogic cluster node partition time will hang off, after the discovery is the first two days to turn on JAVA monitoring, parameters are not fully exported, and then start adding parameters to the script to solve the problem: java_options= "${java_options}- Djavax.management.builder.initial=weblogic.management.jmx.mbeanserver.wlsmbeanserverbuilder "

Exception information: <dec 10:26:00 AM cst> <Warning> <Management> <BEA-141277> <the JMX MBean PLATF ormmbeanserverused attribute is true, but the Platform Mbeanserver were created without the hooks for the WLS security INFR Astructure. The Platform mbeanserver won't be used and Platform MBeans would not be available via the WLS runtime or Domain runtime Mbeanservers. This can occur if you have defined Platform mbeanserver System properties or JVM options (-dcom.sun.management.jmxremote o R jrockit-xmanagement).

The Platform mbeanserver to is used, you must either remove the system PROPERTIES/JVM options or start WLS with T He following system property:
If you want to eliminate this log error and does not need Platform MBeans to is available via WLS, then set the Platformmbea nused attribute in the Jmxmbean to false.>

WebLogic Throws platform Mbeanserver exception

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