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First-time Hosting server experience

With the growth of individual entrepreneurship and small business, the use of servers to provide relevant information, downloads, mail and other services are no longer something new, like in recent years, the network entrepreneurial personal users are also very many, in the Internet to provide entertainment and audio-visual downloads, BBS forums and other host is actually a large number of individuals to provide. Many of the original servers in the home to provide services to the user has been feeling the pressure of the environment, especially for some have already paid service servers, but also need to have a good environment (all-weather air-conditioning environment and stable power supply, etc.), so the choice of host hosting situation is more and more. However, due to host hosting is currently in the country is not very mature state, many prepared to handle the trust of the friend is also a smattering of knowledge, the following author according to their own experience, to say that the hosting host need to prepare something, what kind of standards to choose the custodian, in the actual operation should pay attention to what matters, etc. In particular, in the selection of custodians, the author of many of the friends of the business and server hosting related to their own servers have been hosted to different computer rooms, personal experience plus witness, can say to "choose a reassuring custodian" this topic deep feeling.


First, the preparation before the trusteeship-------budget, in the computer room you know what is called the Gold

1, hosting can bring those benefits

Now many units are still using the virtual host, not only expensive, but also because with other sites share a server, so the speed, bandwidth by a lot of impact, hosting server can bring many benefits, first, unaffected by others, the site more stable high-speed; second, because of the full control of the server, You can run many programs and services that are not able to run; again, greatly enhance the security of the data, think about it, their data is always on someone else's computer, always feel uneasy, this do not have to worry about.

For those who are going to rely on the server to start the Nuggets of friends, the server's utilization value is even greater, can provide external such as, movie downloads, network games, network community, Enterprise Post Office, virtual host and many other services, the most common is the virtual host, now the virtual host although everywhere is, But the space is big some can run database high-end virtual host price is not cheap, such as a support database 500M virtual host space, charge more than 1000 yuan, a server with 120G hard disk, theoretically can open more than 200 such space, of course, the actual is impossible, If you open only one-tenth, open 20 of these spaces, then charge also at 20,000 yuan, can also open a variety of low-grade space, now many non-IT business sites are static product display site, and the traffic is very low, occupy system resources and bandwidth is very small, open hundreds of is not a problem, if each 100M, Charge 100 yuan, then can charge 10,000 yuan, so calculate down, have already charged 30,000 yuan, less server hardware input 5000 yuan, again minus server hosting cost 5000 yuan/year, a year down also has 20,000 yuan gross profit! What if you host 10 servers at the same time? The next year, there will be no hardware costs, up to a 120G hard drive, only hundreds of yuan, calculate profits. Oh, in fact, many friends also run many other services at the same time, such as corporate mail, film download member fees and so on, a server is really a cornucopia ah.

2. What is the better type of a managed server to choose?

Many friends know that it is not cheap to rent a place in the computer room. For many individuals or small business enterprises, in the initial period of investment, although want to save as much as possible, but to learn how to save, not to save the province. Managed hosts recommend a rack-only server that hosts 1U. Although the initial hardware cost is a little higher, but in the long run it is more cost-effective, because the telecommunications room of the hosting fee is based on 1U per year how much money to calculate, if your server is too high, no doubt will pay more for the hosting costs, for example, in a Beijing computer room, Hosted 1U server 4000 yuan/year, hosting 2U server will be 6000 yuan/year, this shows that 1U server in the host area of application is very practical significance. Managed 1U servers are certainly the cheapest than hosting other kinds of servers (such as 2U servers, tower servers, and so on). Therefore, to the hosting, please first of all the parts of your tower server out, loaded into the 1U server chassis, which can save a large amount of money for you, think, the server is to host for many years ah, how much to save ah.

Second, "armchair"--how to choose a good custodian

Classic question: Is it a good bet?

A lot of friends ask me, which custodian is the best choice? If you are studying law, then I ask you, I want to make a lawsuit, choose which lawyer to be good? If you are in the car industry, I want to buy a car, then I ask you to buy what car good? is not feel untold, you will certainly say: "This first see you are what situation, have what specific request ..." "A whole bunch of such truths. We have an old saying in China, "Penny by Penny," is that the right thing to do with everything? According to some people's saying "don't blindly pick, choose expensive must not be wrong", the author firmly said, this is the view is wrong! I do not say server hosting examples, said the car, we are more familiar with, if someone asks you to buy what car good, you say that expensive is good, that China is not all run big BMW Ferrari? A good definition is not one-sided, consumers to buy products or purchase services, is a matter between the two sides, the different needs of customers will naturally have different options, driving the taxi drivers know Ferrari start and speed is fast enough, but in fact, running all over the street are Jetta Xiali or something, that is the truth. So the hosting host you do not blindly to choose expensive on the line, like using a Ferrari soliciting, pull a lifetime still earn not back this.

Classic misunderstanding: blindly chasing low price

The answer you must guess, cheap is not necessarily good goods. But even so, I suggest not to use that kind of super cheap custodian, cheap good goods there is, but the odds are too low, or give up. This is a hard truth, or to the disadvantage of regret.

1. Low-price service providers are incredibly variable.

now on the market, hosting the price of inconsistencies, the same hosting 1U host, your bid 8000 yuan/year, cheap as long as 2000 yuan/year, so many factors, although can not say that the expensive must be good, but do not think the cheaper the better. So where is the low price service provider? In fact, there is a very important factor is the size of the service provider, is not able to consistently operate, because now do the low threshold of hosting services, management is not very strict, two college students to the machine rent a cabinet can do, but small companies, personal service instability factors too much, In my experience basically half a year or so 80% will have changes, once encountered economic fluctuations or room rent up the profit is too little, washed up, or disorderly change of place, disorderly change IP, it is miserable, do not think this is rare, in fact, this situation is the majority.

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