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This year is over, I believe everyone back to their respective posts, began a year of new struggle, then today we talk about a thing, this thing is what? is: Webmaster How to analyze page weight impact factor to get ranked. That is, page weight in the end what are the main factors affecting the ranking of keywords?

Today is mainly for everyone to say: By analyzing the weight of a page elements, then I am here in terms of two.

The first aspect is that Google has some requirements for a page.

The second aspect is that Baidu to a page weight requirements or is a page quality requirements.

In this aspect of Google, the earlier requirements for a site is a bit more, that is, he is a site is how a reasonable setting, so this page should be consistent with his what conditions he will give this page a higher weight or score.

The next 1.1 points for everyone to explain, hoping to bring you a little harvest.

1. A link on a specific page is limited to a reasonable number, which is important to the weight of the page. The link within the specific page is limited to a reasonable amount, in the end what is a reasonable quantity? What is the link on the particular page that links to the bottom? This so-called link in fact is simply the page of the export link, the so-called page of the export link is divided into two parts, One is the page point to the other domain name links, called Outbound export. The other is the link inside the station, which points to the inside of the website. These two add up is the page of the export link, this export link to control within a reasonable range, if too much, the search engine will give this page value rating is relatively low. This is not very good for your keyword rankings. So that is to limit the link within a specific page within a reasonable amount, in order to prevent the page chain to take more, resulting in this page weight drop. So what exactly is a reasonable law? I believe many people have this question, it is usually recommended that the first page of the link not more than 150. Because some people are doing the website, he thinks that the weight of the home page is very very high, then he let more pages appear in the homepage, want to give the higher weight of the page, then he put a lot of home layout many links, do a lot of columns, do a lot of links. So in fact, the export chain took over. This will affect the homepage in the Search engine page of the score, that is, the search engine to the first page rating on his discount. If you are within a reasonable range, you will give you 80 to 90 points and if your page is linked to more than 400 then he will give you this page for 60 or 70 points. That will affect the weight of this page. If you want the page to participate in the rankings, or you want your page weight is relatively high, then the proposal is within 150 links, the new station is recommended within this range. Of course if you are a large portal, you can increase it appropriately.

2. Take into account the user use those words to find your page, make sure that your site contains these words. That is, in short, either you have a keyword in the title that the user is searching for, or you say it contains these words on the page. In fact, if your title or content does not appear in the user search keywords, the search engine to your page weight is very small. We consider the weight of the page when we want to write in the title of the keyword you need, or in the page to write your keywords, so you can improve the weight of the keyword value. Favor your keyword rankings. Also give you the page weight is very high.

3. If you use a dynamic page, that is, a Web site that contains one, you need to shorten these parameters, and if you are dynamically creating static pages, of course it is the best. If your program is not static, then dynamic can also. Because now the search engine is very advanced.

Then we will give you some basic principles of the page, that is, how to think that the weight of the page is relatively high. Here are two principles:

(1) When designing a website, you should consider the user. Many people in the site is to rank, did some improper way, that is, when the search engine access is a content, and user access is another kind of content. These cheating methods are more common, in fact, that you want to provide users with what he wants, what your users need, you provide him with what. If a user searches for a word, but goes to your site but is not what he wants, it is not a requirement that fits the user's needs. So when you're doing Web pages, you need to think about what your user community is.

(2) do not fake. Page fraud contains those? for example, to buy links, or to do black chain, or to do some jump, if the search engine found you these processing, it will give you the right to drop, or to say K off your site may.

The problem with this page is followed by a detailed description of the specific quality of the page to operate this piece of stuff.

1th: Do not use Shadow Tibetan or shadow link. Some students in the link, he changed the text of the link to the same as the content, this is called the Shadow Hidden link. Or the same as the background will be judged as a shadow hidden link. That is to say you are in the chain when you want to do a deal with your link, do not link and your text is a color, so is a shadow hidden link. This will cause the search engine to give you the right to drop the page. The main point is that you are sending an article, you change the text color of the article to the background color. This is a kind of shadow hidden text. If you do this, the search engine will also judge a cheating behavior that will give you a lower right.

2nd: Do not create multiple pages that contain a lot of duplicate content, that is, duplicate pages. If your site is 90% repetitive, the search engine thinks you have a very low weight value. If the similarity of the Web page is high, the search engine will also think it is a duplicate page.

3rd: Do not make window ads, such as automatic download links. This is also the impact of the page weight value, if you have a large number of this thing, the weight of your influence is very large.

4th: Do not load Web pages that use irrelevant keywords. In other words, this site is to do SEO training. And your content is about weight loss, this weight is also unfavorable to you. It has no effect on your website. These points are mainly aimed at Google on several aspects of the request.

Then we then say Baidu to the page weight requirements. Judge the value of a page. The results of search engines are sorted by relevance. That is, remove the chain and other factors. Ideally, the results of the search are sorted by relevance. But in reality, there are other factors to consider. Then go on to say Baidu to the quality of the site page some requirements.

(1) The stability of the site. The stability of a page is the weight of the page has a great impact.

(2) Poor browsing experience. which is which window. Users always pop those off when they browse, and the same search engine will judge your browsing experience very poorly. This will cause your weight to have a very big impact.

(3) The main requirement is invalid or unsatisfied. Also affect the weight of a page, that is, some downloads of the site, his download link is invalid. Or there are some chain contacts that can't be hit. This is the main requirement is invalid or unsatisfied, this is also a page weight to consider a range.

(4) Search engine think your link is dead link, then this dead link will affect the value of your page. It also has an effect on the value of your own page weight. Page value can also be reduced.

Well, about how the Webmaster Analysis page weight impact factors get ranked, today to everyone here, more content to share next time. I'll tell you about it today.

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