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Webmaster tools:
Server user and expired domain name query method (simplified)
Http://www.whois. SC/
You can check the server where the domain name is located and the registration information and the number of VM users on this server... (registration required)
You can query domain names that will expire in the past six months, and provide various forms of search...
Chinese: provides comprehensive query of deleted domain names, query of up to four domain names, and query of domain names with special meanings.
Several common resource restrictions on VM space (required for purchase)
Several common resource restrictions on VM Space
For example
Restrict CPU usage, for example, traffic, or IIS (ASP space only)
Currently, some space vendors do not limit traffic. However, there are also a lot of space vendors that limit traffic. For example, the maximum traffic per month cannot exceed 40 GB.
CPU usage. For example, for a space of more than 100 yuan, the Space Provider gives you about 1% of CPU usage. For users who place forums in a space, this limit will make your online users very low. This is because the Forum occupies CPU resources.
IIS restrictions only appear in ASP and Asp.net spaces. 100 IIS connections are equivalent to the fact that your website can be allowed to have 100 pages at the same time. If this parameter is exceeded, a message is displayed, indicating that there are too many connected users.
It is impossible for a space provider to limit resources on virtual hosts. At least one of the above three restrictions will appear.
For the moment, we will not talk about how many users a standard server stores (according to industry estimates, the number of virtual host users stored on a standard server is between 200 and 500 ). This is why the VM is still so profitable. There are also many reasons for doing this. Because of the large profits, there are also a large number of so-called agents (they can get a profit ranging from 10% to 50% from the Space Provider ).
Because a VM has so many users, it is obviously impossible for the Space Provider to restrict the users of the VM space.
In addition, it is recommended that you do not purchase a space through the so-called proxy. In fact, as long as you are willing to contact the virtual host provider directly, you can still get an affordable price.
Available cracked versions of webzip (used for the whole site)
Editplus, a necessary tool for site change
Modify HTML files in batches.

Webmaster practical, 42 famous search engines free login portal Daquan
I tried it. Most of the users who can log in and want to increase their access volume can go and see it.
Chinese Forum home login Portal
Commercial sentiment 168 free search engine login Portal
Free logon portal for Chinese search alliance
... E/free_protocol.htm
Baidu free logon Portal
Sina free logon Portal
Sohu free logon Portal
Http://db.sohu.com/regurl/regform.asp? Step = regform &; Class =
Free logon Portal
PP website login Portal
CCID free logon Portal
Netease free logon Portal
Yahoo free logon Portal
Google free logon Portal
Free logon entry for HC
Http: //
Chinacnet free logon Portal
Http: // 66/web/frontward/free/free_search.asp
Polaris free logon Portal
Alltheweb free logon Portal
Guoxin free logon Portal
Souleopard free logon Portal
Free logon portal for focus Network
Free logon entry in early morning
Free logon Portal
Free logon portal for North Korean fans
... Amp; a_method = write
Free logon entry to Legal Network
Free logon portal for Galaxy
Cool free logon Portal
Free logon to stars
Http://www.xxsl.net/regsta1.asp? Sortid = 153
Free entrance to Wenzhou Information Port
Free logon portal for Chinese holidays
Http://www.china-holiday.com/newterms/hall/it/sort.asp? Sortid = 259
Y4 free logon Portal
Create a free logon Portal
Free Digital logon entry
Free logon Portal
Free logon Portal
Http: //
Free logon Portal
Free logon entry to Ulica
Free login Portal
Free logon portal for Shanxi Internet connection
Blue Mountains free logon Portal
Sunshine free logon Portal
1608 free logon portal for Soufun
China 168 free logon Portal
Http://www.china168.com/chaoshi/it/regsta1.asp? Sortid = 242
Free logon portal for China car network
Free logon entry to the green community

Website prvalue Query

Keyword Tool)
Two commonly used keyword tools are Google adwords keyword tool and overture search term suggestion tool.
Google adwords keyword Tool
Https://adwords.google.com/select/main? Cmd = keywordsandbox
Overture search term suggestion Tool
Search engine optimization tools-website optimization tools and Google ranking Optimization
Search engine optimization tools-website optimization tools and Google ranking Optimization
Download Google ranking monitoring tool:
Keyword query frequency tool:
Spider Pattern
Similar Page Detector
Spider pattern (2)
Www. seotoolkit. co. uk/spider_viewer.asp
Keywords density check
Www. seotoolkit. co. uk/keyword_density_analyser.asp
Link Popularity checker connection popularity
Www. seotoolkit. co. uk/link_popularity_checker.asp
Website traffic ranking (Alexa)
Prvalue Query Tool
Check Google dance
Two key directories that require better ranking at Google
Yahoo's directory is the world's most valuable business directory.
Dmoz is the largest open directory in the world. Many websites reference dmoz data, including Google
So as long as you can log on to these two directories, after a period of time through the optimization of the website page, your ranking will rapidly rise ~
Several Search Engine Optimization detection tools
Google link extended detector (Google backlink checker ):
Enter the URL of your website, and the program will search for the websites that have been linked to you by Google and the text titles used by the links. Because Chinese characters are not supported, Chinese text is garbled, but the URL of the link is clear at a glance.
Search engine spider simulator ):
Enter the URL you want to query to find the text content and links on the page that Google can crawl. You may want to test the results of capturing large numbers of text and images on pages. Network marketers can also use this tool to detect the optimized page quality. Chinese characters are supported.
Search engine saturation ):
Enter your website URL and randomly displayed access code. You will get the number of web pages crawled by the search engine alltheweb, Altavista Google/AOL, Hotbot/Inktomi. You can also enter three competitor website URLs to view your position in the competition.
Link Popularity check ):
Enter your website URL and the randomly displayed access code. You will find out which websites are linked to your website in the search engine alltheweb AltaVista Google/AOL Hotbot/Inktomi MSN, and detailed links of the same URL in dmoz, Excite, Iwon, Lycos, overture, and other search engines. You can also enter 5 competitor website URLs to view your position in the competition. The same tool also has
To check the total number of links and specific links of websites in Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos, and Altavista. Google ranking monitoring tool (free monitor for Google ):
Download and use. This tool can report the ranking of your website with a keyword in Google, and the URL of the website with the top N digits (set by yourself) under the same keyword.
Similar Page Checker ):
As we all know, Google will impose ranking punishments on copy page content. This tool can test the similarity between two pages to determine whether the two pages will be punished. For example
The similarity reaches 80%, and the latter's PageRank ranking value in Google is displayed as 0 in the toolbar.
Check the URL structure of the website. My site map is implemented by this tool.

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