Webmin-linux Web Management Side Introduction

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Managing Linux systems through the Web:

1 managing users, changing passwords

2 Configuring firewalls and making network settings

3 Configuring Crontab

4 Configuring network Services

5 System Log


Web hosting can also be managed:

1 Creating a virtual machine

2 Configuring a virtual machine

3 Limiting the use of bandwidth

4 FTP for users to upload virtual machine related directories and files to manage


If you need more VM management features, you'll need to pay for Virtualmin advanced features

The applicable scenario:

People who are not familiar with the Linux system are managing the host and HTTP.

Webmin is currently the most powerful Web-based Unix

System Administration tools. Administrator through

The browser accesses the various management functions of webmin and completes the corresponding management actions. Currently, Webmin supports the vast majority of Unix systems, including AIX, HPUX, Solaris, UnixWare, IRIX, and FreeBSD, in addition to various versions of Linux.

Webmin allows you to remotely use a Web that supports HTTPS (SSL-on HTTP) protocol

The browser manages your Web interface through the

Host. This provides a simple, in-depth remote management with the assurance of security. This allows Webmin to

System administrators are ideal because all major platforms have a Web that meets or exceeds the requirements above

Browser. Furthermore, Webmin has its own "Web server" and therefore does not need to run a third-party

Software (such as a Web server). Everything has. Webmin's modular architecture allows you to write your own configuration modules when you need them. In addition to the modules described here, Webmin also includes many modules. Although we are now focusing on

Network services, but you'll see that almost every part of your system is configured and managed through Webmin, and sometimes you can install the software in a Linux environment.

It is convenient to manage the Linux server through the Web, such as http,ftp virtual machine, can make related service settings through interface, such as adding virtual machine, managing user, configuring virtual machine, etc. The server itself can also be managed by the web, such as the use of resources, the servers, processes, etc. installed above

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1. wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh

2. chmod +x install.sh


Installation time-consuming, need to wait a period of time, installation configuration needs to enter the host domain name, can continue to install!

When the installation is complete, the root user is automatically created with the system root password

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Source Document

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Webmin-linux Web Management Side Introduction

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