Webpack4. X + react Construction

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Environmental preparedness: Windows7, Webstorm 2017.1.4, Nodejs 8.7.0, NPM 5.4.2

PS: When installing, we all bring the version, so even if the webpack version changes, there will be no version issue.

Initializing the Package.json file
NPM Init

NPM installs react, react-dom packages


NPM i-s [email protected] [email protected]

NPM installs Webpack, WEBPACK-CLI and other packages

NPM install [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [E Mail protected] [email protected] [email protected]--save-dev


NPM i-d [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [Emai L protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Folder structure

The contents of each file


Import React from ' React '; class Index extends React.component {    render () {        return  (            /c4><div>                 This is the homepage women modify             </div>        );     default Index;
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Import React from ' React 'react-dom'./views/index '; Reactdom.render (<index/>, document.getElementById (' app '));
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<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTMLLang= "en"><Head>    <MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">    <Metahttp-equiv= "X-ua-compatible"content= "Ie=edge">    <Metacontent= "Telephone=no"name= "Format-detection">    <title>React</title></Head><Body><DivID= "App"></Div><Scripttype=text/javascriptsrc=js/index.js></Script></Body></HTML>
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Let config = {    entry: {        ' index ': './src/index.js '    },    resolve: {        extensions: [" . js ",". Json ",". Jsx ",". css "],    = config;
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Const WEBPACK = require (' Webpack ');//introduction of WebpackConst OPN = require (' OPN ');//Open BrowserConst MERGE = require (' Webpack-merge ');//webpack configuration file MergingConst PATH = require ("path"); Const Basewebpackconfig= Require ("./base.config");//Basic ConfigurationConst WEBPACKFILE = require ("./file.config");//Some path configurationsLet config=Merge (Basewebpackconfig, {/*setting up the development environment*/mode:' Development ', Output: {path:path.resolve (webpackfile.devdirectory), filename:' Js/[name].js ', Chunkfilename:"Js/[name].js", Publicpath:‘‘}, plugins: [/*set up hot updates*/        NewWebpack. Hotmodulereplacementplugin (),], module: {rules: [{test:/\. (JS|JSX) $/, use: [' Babel-loader ',], include: [Path.resolve (__dirname,".. /src ")], exclude: [Path.resolve (__dirname,".. /node_modules ")                ],            }                ]    },    /*Set API Forwarding*/Devserver: {host:' ', Port:8080, hot:true, inline:true, ContentBase:path.resolve (webpackfile.devdirectory), Historyapifallback:true, Disablehostcheck:true, Proxy: [{context: ['/api/** ', '/u/** '], Target:' Http://', Secure:false            }        ],        /*Open the browser and open the project URL*/After () {OPN (' http://localhost: ' + This. Port); }}); Module.exports= config;
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Module.exports = {    devdirectory:' static ',/* Development Directory *    /prodirectory: ' dist ',/* Publish directory *    /resource:' resource ',/* static Resources */};
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Add a script command to the Package.json file

"Dev": "Webpack-dev-server--devtool eval--progress--colors--profile--config webpack/dev.config.js"

Execute Run command last

Code Address: Https://github.com/yangbiaoit/react-webpack

Webpack4. X + react Construction

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