Webpage graphic design HTML Day01 and graphic design day01

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Webpage graphic design HTML Day01 and graphic design day01

Webpage graphic design HTML Basics

1. Basic Elements of a webpage: text, images, and hyperlinks

2. The basic structure of HTML is head, title, and body.



<Title> title </title>






3. Common tags/attributes

<Body background Image bgcolor background color text non-connected text color> body </body>

<P align = "left/right/center"> text section </p>

<Br/> line feed mark

<H1> title

<Pre> pre-format mark, as shown in the browser </pre>

<! -- Annotation mark to show the program -->

<Center> center </center>

<Blockquote> shrink text </blockquote>

<Font size face font color> font </font>

<U> underline </u>

<S> strikethrough </s>

<B> bold </B> <strong> bold </strong>

<I> italic </I> <em> italic </em>

  & Lt indicates <& gt indicates>& Amp indicates & quot indicates"

  & Nbsp; space & copy©& Reg®  

& Times indicates × & divide indicates Signature

4. Notes

1. Create a project and put the images in a folder.

2. Two ways to introduce images

Absolute path D:/demo/images/123.gif (not recommended)

A relative path./images/1.gif indicates a directory of the same level.

../Demo/images/2.jpg two dots represent the upper-level directory, three dots represent the upper-level directory, and so on

3. Common network image formats

Gif is composed of 256 pixels. It supports transparency, animation, and small size.

Jpg is composed of millions of pixels with high quality and does not support animation or transparency.

The png fireworks source format png8 supports transparency, while png34 and png32 do not support transparency.

4 <body> the background image is displayed on the upper layer of the background color. bgcolor is displayed when the image is transparent.

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