web.py releasing the database connection

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The webpy is easy to use and very lightweight. In particular, its operational database is very convenient.

Import webdb = Web.database (Dbn=dbn,host=host,db=database,user=user,pw=password, charset=charset) data = Db.select (['                I_project '], what= ' P_class ', where= ' p_id = $PlatformBatchID ', limit= ' 1 ', Vars=locals ())

But instead of actively releasing the connection, the number of connections will increase over time.

Monitor MySQL connection count

Show full processlist; Show status like '%conn% ';


1) Install Dbutils

1.0) Installation

Pip Install Dbutils

1.2) use

db = Web.database (Maxshared=5,mincached=1,maxcached=5,maxconnections=10,dbn=dbn,host=host,db=database,user=user, Pw=password, Charset=charset)

* mincached: Number of empty connections opened at startup (default 0 means no connection is created at start)

* Maxcached: The maximum number of connections used by the connection pool (the default value of 0 means unlimited connection pool size)

* Maxshared: The maximum number of shared connections allowed (the default value of 0 means that all connections are private) if the maximum number is reached, the connection requested for the share will be used for sharing.

* MaxConnections: Maximum allowable number of connections (default 0 means no limit)

2) Active release of connections and cursor

Finally: #close cursor self.db._db_cursor (). Close () #close connection self.db._db_cursor (). Con Nection.close ()

web.py releasing the database connection

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