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What is the main site analysis? What is the point of input cost for data collection and data analysis? These questions do not really think deeply about, perhaps we daily more to explore the methods and implementation of web analytics, and the fundamental meaning of web analytics is not really to think about.

A few days ago, suddenly thought, if someone asked: "What is the main site analysis?" What is the point of input cost for data collection and data analysis? "Perhaps my first response was:" Web analytics can help you better optimize your site and promote your site. "But think about it, these questions do not have deep thinking, perhaps we daily more to explore the methods and implementation of web analytics, and the fundamental meaning of web analytics is not really think about." So, here is a personal view of the current site analysis of some of the application and reflect the value of the above question is a simple answer.

Monitor the operation status of the website

The most basic application of website analysis is to monitor the operation status of the website. Collect the daily production of various types of data--click Stream data, operating data, user data and so on, and through the statistics of these data generated various types of Web site analysis of the report, the site's operating status of the system to show. From the number of clicks, browse times, the trend of the number of users to compare the new and old user ratio, page loss rate and the realization of the target rate, the data to help operators look at the site from a multiple perspective of the situation is good.

If there is no daily report data for web analytics, will undoubtedly let the site operators feel panic, because they lost the perception of the status of the site, perhaps the site will have thousands of tens of thousands of a day of traffic, there may be only a single digit of the user visited the site, so that the operation of the site is like behind closed doors, there is no goal and direction.

Of course, some of the site's data can not only monitor the operation of their own website, and the Internet or some areas of development to provide a reference, Google's search trends, Baidu's search list is the network hotspot, of course, we may now be more to pay attention to the micro-blog real-time hotspot information The data center of Taobao provides the basis for the transaction trend of electronic commerce.

promote the promotion of the website effect

Speaking of website promotion, perhaps the first thought is SEO and sem, but the site analysis can not only enhance the site in the SEO and SEM performance, at the same time its accurate marketing of the site can also play a strong support.


SEO and SEM is a very important site analysis, because they are the site to obtain traffic is an important way, and traffic is the basis of the site, so we must clearly grasp the site in the SEO and SEM performance.

Analysis of SEO is mainly to analyze the site in the search engine related keywords ranking, search terms of the conversion rate (CTR) and the site in the search engine, the chain of data, error pages, and so on, the introduction of SEO online a lot of the most critical or the content of the site itself quality And in SEO above optimization.

The effect of SEM is calculated by calculating the investment income (ROI) of each keyword or promotion source, the general input cost is easier to measure, and the output income is relatively difficult to be measured, and the sources and keywords need to be subdivided. E-commerce also has direct profits can be measured, if only the information released under the guidance of the trade so analysis will be much more difficult, online there are a lot of this article can refer to.

Precision Marketing

SEO and SEM improve the site's exposure rate, so that users can more easily find our site, but sometimes we also need to redirect our site to some users, that is, the most common online promotion.

Here mainly includes the user breakdown, the source subdivision and the target market subdivision , through the user behavior analysis carries on the user breakdown lets us be able to understand the website mainly attracts which kind of user, Based on the source search keywords and source sites can understand the user's main concern about what the site information and what they will be through the relevant channels to find us, which is the direction of our online promotion. If the site is going to release a product or do an event, you may be aware of the need to send direct mail to those users, advertise on which sites, and how the content should be organized to attract more users ...

Many of my previous articles on user analysis introduced how to better find the site's loyal customers, valuable customers, as well as quantitative methods to evaluate the site's users, in fact, these also for the site's precision marketing provides a good reference.

Under-line promotion effect

In addition to online promotion, many Web sites will be regularly carried out under the promotion of the line. Offline activities and promotion will often directly display the URL address of the site, in the performance of data to direct flow, so the evaluation line to promote the effectiveness of the key is to distinguish which flow from the line to promote? In fact, the Web site analysis of the data access is very wide, we can through a number of special means to do this.

For example, you will find that many of the URLs quoted in the Avinash Kaushik are similar to the short URLs (shorter url) of the form, through the jump to the corresponding page, offline promotion can also borrow this way, online under the publication of a special dedicated to a promotion of the Web site (such as http:// Redirect to the target page (such as so that in the analysis of the site just select those sources that are posted special URLs (such as http:// browsing can be a statistical line to promote the effect of, of course, can also use the URL parameters in the way after the target URL plus similar? from=offline&campaign= ...  Parameters, by counting the number of times these parameters page is browsed and subdividing the effect of the promotion way under each line. But here's the problem: URLs are often a big part of a website's brand, especially those intuitive and easy to remember the URL, so the line to promote the use of the original web site address, so as to have a better identification, so that users remember this site, which gives the site analysis of the flow of the distinction brought a certain degree of difficulty, perhaps only through access to traffic Trend analysis to measure the effect of offline promotion.

Optimize the site's user experience

Through outreach, there may already be a lot of users entering and visiting your site, but whether users will be interested in your site, or whether you can continue to visit the site's loyal users, depends on whether your site has the ability to retain users , That is, your site has a good enough user experience to achieve user expectations and satisfaction .

Simple and effective interaction process

There is no doubt that Easy-to-use interactive processes can help users better achieve their operations and goals, and users will prefer to use those Web sites that are designed to be more user-friendly, allowing them to travel in the same way as they want.

We typically measure the effect of site interaction with conversion rates (conversion Rate) and task completion rates (Taskscompletion Rate) , and for some task-based or application-oriented web site, this analysis is particularly important. Through the analysis to find out some of the gaps in the interaction and missing links or to simplify, can effectively improve the conversion rate and the user to complete the task of the probability, so as to effectively improve the site's revenue.

Help users find content of interest

Several recent articles in my blog have introduced how to get users to better find the information they need, including optimizing the information architecture, optimizing site search, and so on, which will undoubtedly better retain users, allowing them to continue browsing the content of the site or continue to use the services provided by the site.

Rather than passively allow users to find the content of their own interests, the initiative to some users may be interested in the content recommended to the user, which is now a lot of websites are doing based on user behavior analysis of the relevance of the recommendation function, my previous article also introduced the site data analysis in this area of application.

Listen to the voice of the user

Perhaps a lot of people on the site analysis of the concept of the site is still in the daily data report, in fact, the scope of the site analysis is far more than these, User Questionnaire Research (Survey), usability testing (Lab Usability Testing), as well as I have introduced before the real research (sitevisits) are part of the website analysis of the category, Avinash Kaushik to classify them as a qualitative analysis of the website (qualitative Analysis). Perhaps you would say these are not the jobs of ued or UCD? Yes, the purpose of these analyses is to enhance the user experience, the ued are experts in the user experience, and the website analyst is more professional in data acquisition and analysis, so why not cooperate? Site Analyst to provide analysis of the solution and results, and then by the user Experience team to complete the design and implementation of optimization program, do not dwell on the site analysis must be the department or team to do, all the work is to provide a better user experience.

It is these qualitative analysis methods that allow us to listen to the voice of users close to the user, to meet the needs of users, better content design, function design, and even interactive navigation design can play a key role.

Finally do a simple summary, if the site is to flow and live, then we can be the above Web site analysis of the application and meaning of: monitoring traffic , attract traffic , retain traffic , traffic means the user, the user means the life of the site.

But maybe now we should consider the impact of social media, not just SEO and SEM. Twitter's keyword advertising platform, mobile devices-mobile phones, the application of the ipad, the future of web analytics can do more, the value generated by the site will become more and more. Perhaps above I mentioned just the tip of the Web site analysis, there are more and more people began to engage in web analytics and like this career, the development of the Web site analysis, there will be more new applications, let us wait and see.

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