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The website's boot page introduces the foreign trade enterprise website to go out of the door, buy a domain name, buy a space, please design the company, please this please, all efforts should be made to bring orders to the company through the website. "One point of work is nothing to gain." However, if you work hard, you may not have any gains. Many enterprise sites have been built, but you have not found them, the order it brings to the Enterprise. Of course, there are many reasons for this. Maybe the website design is unreasonable? Maybe SEO is not well optimized? When it comes to SEO optimization, many people do not understand it very well and think it is a topic discussed by people who specialize in SEO. If you think so, then you will be out, if you want your website to rank high in the search engine, remember these important links when optimizing the web page!

1. less use of flash and images to modify websites: I believe many people have mentioned this problem. Flash has increased the interaction of the Internet to a new level. However, it is indeed a fatal blow to search engines, because it cannot identify the content in Flash and images, although Flash is very beautiful, but for your website ranking, it is best to use Flash files as little as possible-it is best to use irrelevant content!

2. Each webpage has a unique title and descriptive meta tag: The title tag is an element of SEO. If the title tag is repeatedly used on the webpage, it will lose its value, the role of title is to let the search engine know your site, know your site, and then give your website a good ranking. Then, the traffic and orders will be lost.

3. target keywords are contained in the webpage content: Enterprise websites can publish some target keywords in website articles. The embodiment of these keywords in the content of the article cannot be too blunt, to match your content, simply put, if your website does not have content that matches the target keyword, your website will not rank well.

4. Follow the dead links in the website

During website maintenance, you need to check whether there are dead links on the site from time to time and pay attention to the running status of your website and webpage. The dead links will affect search engine crawling. If there are too many dead links, then the SPIDER will think that your site is useless, and the other is the 404 error page. when looking for a design company to design a website, they should also design a beautiful spot, increase the user experience. When access errors occur, visitors are not allowed to leave.

There are many things about SEO optimization. The things worth attention and attention are basically these. Of course, the details in the details and the key points in the points can be divergent on this basis.

After SEO optimization is completed, the website opening speed is a problem, which is very important for foreign trade enterprises. If a well-developed SEO-optimized website is unable to be browsed by customers, are the previous efforts in vain?

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What is the home page, inner page, boot page ????

The boot page is not very important for optimization.


The home page is the index of the main topic directories of the website, which clearly displays the important functional content of the website. Then there will usually be more or more words in detail. Is to guide you to access the relevant topic content.

The internal page is the page of each specific topic of the website, such as company profile and corporate culture.

A boot page is usually the first page of a website. Generally, this page is dispensable. It is a flahs animation that reflects the corporate image and cultural heritage, or other pages including images. It can be understood as a cover of books.

If you want to optimize the homepage, you 'd better not have a boot page.


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