Website Business Negotiation quotation skills

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Website Business Negotiation quotation tips:

General rules: domain name loss report, space balance report, ranking high report, website production blind report

Of course, it's about asking for money and paying back the money on the spot. Let's look at what companies, what prices, how much money, and what kind of work they offer!

A simple trick is to pass the following table to the customer and ask him to tick it. When he draws it, you count it and the number is complete. For a small company, draw a tick of 500, for a large company, draw a tick of 2000, and for a big company, draw a tick of 5000.



Website construction requirements

Information Publishing (Graphic Management)
User Registration
Link (partner)
Forum (Message Board)
Database Backup
Electronic Mall (Shopping Cart)
Online tutorial
News on his site (industry news)
Website Map
Intra-Site Search
Email list
Online Auction
Advertisement Management (animation Bar management)
File Download
User comment
Template (skin)
Voting System (online survey)
Enterprise Post Office
Google Keyword settings/Optimization

Customer confirmation :___________________
Date :__________________

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