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On the topic of banner design believe that there have been many designers have published their own experience to share, so that people after reading is also feeling a lot, benefited. But this does not prevent us to bring up this topic again, each designer's working method and the angle of the design is different, today I want to talk with you emphatically about the text design in banner, how to design the text in banner, so that the text and other elements to complement each other to achieve a harmonious unity. Even if it is just a extrapolate, it is also very gratifying to have a sympathetic chord with us.

For banner design, many people understand that it is a handy, do not need too many design ideas can be completed, it is necessary to revise. Design banner may not be difficult, but the design of a competent and visual impact of the banner, or need to accumulate experience. Designers should strive to their own design of each banner can withstand a variety of tests, in this small box really do rhythmic just do. Perhaps many people will say the light design banner to the design can have much exaltation, in fact if you can design good banner, you will slowly discover to do the topic, even many product introduction page also will become more and more handy. Next, I would like to talk to you about their banner in the design of some of the empirical methods, such as flaws or different points of view, thank you.

A. The basic arrangement of text mix and match

Design banner time, do not think without thinking of a line of words abruptly put up, it will make your banner directly appear stiff and dull. Often many novice designers make such a mistake, even if the font color style is handled very well, it will look very boring, very stiff. And then we need to do some sort of text-mix design:

① the size and color of the mix

Mix and Match of ② permutation and combination

③ a mix of different fonts

Blending of Chinese and English fonts in ④

These are some common ways of handling. Of course, this is the basis of banner text design, many other word processing methods are built on the basis of the mix, so the importance of a good mix is self-evident.

The above figure text does not carry on what mix and match, appear the text is somewhat stiff; the text in the figure below is a mixture of size and arrangement, which can reflect the atmosphere to be displayed.

Below we can take a look at the fact that the designer has designed some simple text mix banner works:

Two. Slant of the text and oblique cut

Sometimes the design banner, depending on the background composition, or we want to have more visual impact of the text content, we can try to tilt or skew the text processing, and sometimes this will make you achieve unexpected results. The ordinary text arranges Pingping, Fangzheng has the moment, we may use the tilt or the oblique cut to break this "the stable composition", lets the picture have the movement and the level sense.

The top 2 banner are using text skew, and the following 3 banner take advantage of chamfered effects. The text uses the slant and the oblique cut effect, lets the text and the whole picture to be lively up, can arouse the user's reading desire more.

Three. Make the text form a relatively independent area

Banner design, considering some times the background color is more complex, it may also be the background of a relatively many products, such as elements, then we need to put the text in a relatively independent area or color block, if there is no relatively independent region, we will design and create this independent region and color block, so that more convenient text reading, It also allows the visual focus of the text to strengthen. For example, the following figure:

Four. The charm of text distortion

Design banner and thematic head map, designers often use the word deformation, good text deformation can directly affect the text of the promotion of interest, so that banner and the atmosphere of the page is foil to complement each other. Many designers feel that design banner is just a small job, with no word deformation so troublesome, in fact, not necessarily, choose the right reference font for simple text deformation is not so complicated, but it can improve the quality of banner design, so said that the benefits of a lot. Let me first give you a small example of the design of the work:

Similarly, the design of text variants extends:

Let's take a look at some of the other best designers ' work on the design of text variants:

Five. 3D Application of text

3D text effect application in banner design is also very common, using good AI and PS tools can produce a satisfactory 3D text, if you are willing to spend a little more time, in the material or light and light can also do further improvement. Now let's look at some of the best designer designs for the 3D font style banner:

Six. The font elements in life

When we design the banner of the history and culture channel, or when we design Chinese traditional festivals, we often use some elements of Chinese wind, such as calligraphy. In the life of the font elements, calligraphy, chalk word, copybook, etc. we can also be used in banner, with appropriate background and theme, so that your design more highlights the banner atmosphere.

Above the 2 banner is the use of the chalk word design effect, highlighting the young, vitality; The following 3 banner use the calligraphy of the Chinese style, copybook and so on the font effect, reflecting the culture, taste and the feeling of the inside.

Seven. Still hold Pipa half cover

Banner, the design of the font must be clear, so that users can be more fluent reading. But sometimes you can make the text "half hidden", the premise of course is to ensure that there is no reading pressure. The text of "half hidden half now" can let you design banner more vivid and layered sense.

The bottom part of the text is hidden, but it doesn't interfere with reading, but it gives the text a feeling of being integrated into the background environment.

The left edge of the text is pressed on the last word, there is a cascade of feeling, so that the arrangement of text more level.

In the end, there are a lot of learning about font design in banner, but I just write a little bit of my own experience here. The above legend has the department is the collection of other outstanding designers of the works, the article is not very grateful to borrow, if there is infringement, please inform, thank you.

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