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When you need to quickly create an intuitive and usable user interface for your site, it's a good basis to design the code before you write it. A common approach is to display your design through a wireframe, a drawing that uses lines as the basic element, and a blueprint that shows basic navigation and functional blocks, such as content, functionality, etc., that have already entered the site's creation. The main principle of wireframe is to ensure the logical flow and function of design by classifying the entrances and exits of each page.

You can draw wireframe on paper, which is the quickest and easiest way. If time is limited, picture the layout on the page, highlighting where each element points.

Some people prefer to use visio,adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, Fireworks, and of course, Powerpoint,dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, and so on. Here are some additional tools that other people in the world may be using. Before that, you probably know what benefits these tools can bring:

    • In the early stage of development, wireframe is a very important component, it can (affect) the user's expectations, due to the site to learn more, promote understanding of the site and process planning.
    • In the project process, can be on the basis of the online block diagram to consider changes and propose new requirements. The use of wireframe can easily express common page structure and individual page content needs.
    • Wireframes are most likely to lead to more superior products due to better output because it is very helpful in obtaining valuable and accurate input.
    • Wireframes/Prototypes make it easier to evaluate and contrast different ideas and different designs, and further, he can be more easily improved.
    • Because Wireframe is approved, it avoids the waste of time and expense caused by the programmer's endless revisions to the code.

Website wireframes Tools (web)--website wireframes

This is a web-based tool to build a wireframe for your Web site. Wireframe is a simple visual representation of the content of a Web site, saving developers and customers the time to design a site's content layout. The tool can construct a wireframe within minutes and, if necessary, send a wireframe preview address to others in the form of an email, instant message, or phone. Even people from different places can see it and make quick changes based on feedback, discussion, ideas, suggestions, etc. Two very useful features for me-first, you can build a version of a letter each time you change it, it's easy to compare, and you can easily go back to any previous version. The second one is mentioned above and the results can be distributed to people in different places.

Just provide a new account in the mailbox, you can use this tool for free!

Oversite (Mac, Win, Linux)

Oversite provides a menu of controls that you can use to create wireframe, concept diagrams, or software prototypes for your Web site. Oversite has a lot of components and shapes to choose from to create wireframes. His towing function is much like cutting the cake. Another feature that I personally like very much is that you can add annotations to the build you create, which is very useful in time-consuming development, and can also help you understand situational concepts. It has a lot of functionality around software prototypes. If you need to use it to create a Web site architecture, then oversite can automatically generate a site map representation architecture. You can export the Web site architecture and wireframe to HTML (or you can export it as a PDF format without clicking the link feature in PDF format). This software has a minimum of 35 dollars and is suitable for Mac,window and Linux operating systems.

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