Website into Google Sandbox should take positive measures to get out of the sandbox at an early date

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Today, I stand out of Google Sandbox, very happy, although out of the keyword and I imagine that there is a qualitative leap, but I would like to share here, I stand is how in 20 days out of Google sandbox.

I stand (Changsha Feng Rui Network Technology) in mid-June officially on the line, the site has experienced not twists and turns, August 9, I was unlucky to enter Google Sandbox, before the light check rankings in Google overnight fell into the bottom. Although Baidu is now my company's main source of business (I am standing in the main keyword Baidu has a few are ranked first), but Google is today in the Chinese market, the second largest search engine, occupies more and more users. It is a pity that this part of the opportunity is lost. Although I was placed in Google Sandbox, snapshot update also slowed, but because Google included the most pages, therefore, the flow is the largest.

What do I do when I get into Google sandbox?

1, completely abandoned the acquisition of information. Basically all the articles are in the original, even the false original is very few. In fact, the original is not so difficult to imagine, sometimes some of their own experience to write down, there will be a great help to others. Sometimes the way to solve some of the problems of their own steps to organize into a tutorial is also a good original article, such as I wrote a "How to solve the Alexa toolbar installation or display blank" article, for the site brought a lot of traffic.

2, keep the site updated frequency. Updates are not as fast as possible, and it is more important for corporate sites to keep up with the frequency of updates. For example, my website update is not very frequent, about two or three days update once, no update quantity is not very large, once one or two. In particular, the week 31 is scheduled to be updated, because Baidu will update the database in Thursday. Keep the update frequency and let the search spider regularly come to your site to gather information.

3, adhere to the external link building. Keep the Enterprise blog update, looking for classified information portal Landing, to the big forum post, soft Wen, can not be lazy, but also taboo to build a large number of outside the chain, do not worry, slowly. In peacetime to publish the original article when you must add their own site links. When the article was reprinted, The link was released, which is the most effective way to build the chain.

I have heard that the site in Google Sandbox will probably stay for three months or even half a year to come out, Changsha Feng Rui Network technology in the sandbox full 20 days, finally, a few main keywords have been restored rankings, heard that the August Google PR update, I stand in the sandbox is not able to get the PR value, very can miss the PR update, So you web site into Google Sandbox webmaster, should take positive measures to get out of the sandbox at an early date.

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