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We all know, to get the latest snapshot, the fastest included, first of all, your article update frequency quickly, followed by your article quality to high. Large site, less than 2, 3 people responsible for a column, more than ten or twenty people responsible for the channel or plate, but also the traditional media or the cooperation of the original source of information, update the frequency, quantity, quality of course, there is no doubt, included and snapshot fast also undoubtedly. However, for small sites, especially a person's webmaster station, usually a website also has 3, 4 plates, manpower is limited, it is impossible to do every section every day update content. All stations we usually update two original articles every day is not easy. Therefore, these two articles, we have been the latest snapshot and the fastest collection of the main force.

Some new webmaster, diligent every day, spent a lot of time, the original 4, 5 or more articles per day, but snapshots and included still not ideal, why? Is there any workable solution? Want to rely on a daily article updates to get snapshots and included, what skills?

I originally in the Web site to do my current network of cervical spondylosis, blindly seek to expand the keyword surface, too much to split the plate. Because the energy is not enough, every day can not do all the plate update articles, although sometimes 5 pieces of false original article, but included and snapshots have been not ideal, always stay in the two weeks ago, which for the exchange of links and so caused a great obstacle. Then one day I suddenly realized that my web page layout, that is, the article pushed a problem. How do you understand it?

In my home page, in addition to setting the headlines, recommendations and popular, but also the layout of the 4 large columns of the latest articles of the plate. I value the headlines and recommendations too much and only push them to the two sections with special good articles, and the rest of the updated articles are in the latest articles in 4 columns. Because the number of updates is not fixed, the column is not fixed, so I update the article is always in the home page in different positions beat. Sometimes in the headlines, sometimes in the recommendations, sometimes in the cervical spine structure, and sometimes in the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. This actually did not tell Baidu, your center is where, you want it to value which piece!

Later I actively adjust, update an original article every day, and push it to the headlines, and then update a false original article, pushed to the "recommended" plate, the rest of the article, I will see the situation at random, and regardless of its position. Almost a week later, my snapshot came up, included also followed by continued stability.

To sum up, small sites want to rely on a very small number of articles to get a faster Baidu snapshot, need to pay attention to the following points:

1, in the website, especially the layout of the home page, must take into account the issue of the article push.

2, to have a continuous update (frequency and quantity are relatively fixed) plate as the center of your site, guiding the spider habitually to a certain location to climb. Avoid all the plate hair a pass without a rhyme, no center.

3, for small sites, do not too big, the plate split to be too small, want to larger optimization keywords, need to tag tags, the topic inside to do the article, plate of the results are often too small to outweigh the gains.

This article by e different dimension cervical Spondylosis Network original, reprint please specify, and keep the link, thank you!

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