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Special website Research (iii) John Sound Network

Do you know that Dao Lang's "2002 First Snow" album was first appeared from a music website?

Do you know the east to the "Don't say your tears don't matter" is from that music website promotion?

Do you know how Tang's "Lilac" is fast on the Internet?

Do you know that Xiao Ming's online musical "Love You is a mistake" from that site out of it?

This website is the John Voice network of the John Sound Studio

China's music web site, said to have more than 6000 , it can be said that the intensity of competition is currently the most intense site of various industries? In so many music websites, want to stand out in such fierce competition, especially need to have characteristics, more important is, how to promote their own characteristics out! Today to study a website with you: John Sound Network.

in this
website research article, you can learn the following pieces of important experience:

1. site positioning Strategy

2. The Domain name analysis method

3. methods of Word-of-mouth marketing

4. How to personalize Web pages

5. the promotion of the music website

One, website location analysis

    Now the main content and services are: original music, music, music, new power, pop music, music blog, mobile music, music forum and so on. and positioning itself as the Chinese original music portal site
    This positioning is very good, he and original music as a breakthrough, so suddenly his competitors from tens of thousands to reduce to a few. Why do you say that? because although the current music site is very much, but the original music site is very small, do a good job less. Don't believe you can go to search engine to check. The positioning benefits of

    It's not nearly as close to the competition as it is to the thousands of rivals that have turned into partners.

    because there are so few original music sites, John Network can put its focus on the original music, so through their own brand, will produce a lot of original music, and then the content of these original music to other music sites. The

    Produce original music, promote original music platform.

site positioning concept: Malicious competition is a silly thing, that will make you tired. When you enter an industry, if the industry is very competitive, you need to analyze their common needs, and then you put the main focus on this small piece, and try to do well. Then cooperate with them so that you will be able to effectively avoid competition and gain greater market access. -----

Second, the website domain name Analysis :

at present, the main domain name of the music network deputy domain name
the domain name analysis should be considered from the following three aspects:
1, the domain name of the John Sound
, domain name is easy to remember
, domain name is easy to enter

primary Domain name meaning analysis:
use the phrase combination form: music + hy
Music is a musical meaning.
and hy is "John Sound" two words of the acronym for the first letter of Hanyu Pinyin
the combination of English and Chinese phonetic Alphabet is not a good combination of methods
primary Domain name is easy to remember analysis:
Target user Group analysis: Music website target user Group for teenagers, this group of teenagers knowledge level is not high, for English difficult to remember, although music is a commonly used English words, but relatively long, but also with Chinese phrase first letter combination, further improve the memory difficulty.

Primary domain name is easy to enter analysis:
The prefix is a total of 7 letters, generally speaking, more than 6 letters are difficult to remember and input. And this alphabetical combination of order input is very uncomfortable.

Analysis of the meaning of Deputy domain name:
Hanyin for the whole spelling of John's voice, it is more meaningful.

Sub-domain name easy to record analysis
Chinese whole spelling, easier to remember

Whether the vice domain name is easy to input analysis
Hanyin This combination was completed with only 3 fingers, and the first 1,3,4, and6 letters were entered by the most commonly used right index finger, Very handy, very convenient.

so it is strongly recommended that the main domain name of the music network
Do not mix two domain names at the same time, so easy to be used by search engines as a mirror site to dispose of. You can transfer the secondary domain name directly to the main domain name.

Three, John Sound Network promotion Strategy analysis:

Although the network has successfully launched many Internet singers, but its own current traffic is not big. So it belongs to the kind of website that has the characteristic but does not have its own characteristic promotion. Here is the example of John Sound Network, we analyze the promotion of music website.

The promotion of the music website mainly comes from three kinds of ways:
1 , Word-of-mouth promotion
2 , search engine promotion
3 , navigation site landing

Then we will stand in these two marketing angle to analyze the John Sound network.

Several basic conditions of Word-of-mouth marketing:

Does the content of the website have the characteristic?

Does the L feature show up through design?

is the website design humanized?

is the name of the website easy to remember and spread?

L The domain name of the website is easy to remember and spread?

L The opening speed of the website is fast ?

Does the website imply user's word of mouth propaganda in reasonable place?

Through the analysis of the above 7 conditions, the results are as follows:

The location and content of John's voice network are very distinctive.

The characteristics of John Sound network through the design performance is very general.
If you can design to let users come up, feel and other music site style is different, it will be easier to impress users.

The humanized design of John Sound Network is very general
For example, after the revision of the home page, using a large number and the background color close to the gray font, although the overall looks very coordinated, but the user's browsing is not friendly, will make users look very difficult eyes.

John Sound Network name has characteristics, but the single name, did not show their own characteristics, ordinary users see the name does not know what this site is doing, but this can be promoted to make up for, it can be played to create the original network music brand first. At the earliest, Google did not know the name of anyone who had not heard it or what it was .
Relatively speaking, the name of the voice network is still relatively easy to be remembered and spread.

L Han Yin network domain name is easy to remember and spread not easily to be remembered and spread easy to be remembered and spread
Unfortunately, the music network has been using the is not easy to remember and spread the domain name

L The opening speed of the website is fast?
The speed is also good, but the site is simplified, the speed will be better.

John Sound NET does not imply the user propaganda in the reasonable place the voice net.
Not at the moment. This is very important, if you study the original hao123 webmaster Li xingping Series of sites, we will find him in this regard is very good.

John Sound Network search engine promotion analysis:

want to get a better ranking in search engines, web design is the most basic work. In other words, the design of the website should be designed from the angle of the search engine promotion. From the perspective of the search engine to design, need to consider those factors?

1 ,title , and meta tags

2.URL path design
3, keyword density
4, the hyperlink structure of the website
5, Web page layout design
6, the details of other web design

     According to several well-known survey company statistics, through the search engine for the site to bring new traffic, on average accounted for 80% about. Search engines are important for websites with very large amounts of information. Then the site must be based on the taste of the search engine reasonable design.

     John Sound Network in the revision before the site in the above several aspects of the design is not in line with the requirements of the search engine, under our proposal, just revised!

Web Site Navigation Login:

Music site is the main face of the vast number of youth groups, these groups like Web site navigation sites, so the promotion of music, landing site navigation site, Web site navigation on the website is also a very important way to advertise.

For example, in the hao123 Music section has a hyperlink, every day can bring you tens of thousands of of traffic. But now the hao123 that position is sold, want to appear in that position, also need to spend tens of thousands of yuan per month. But the hao123 landing enterprising, every day can also bring a lot of traffic. Other Web site navigation sites are the same. However, after analysis, these web site navigation sites do not have John Sound network.

suggest that John Sound network in the website navigation site promotion, spend a little more effort.

Website Promotion Notices:
Website Promotion method has a lot of, but do not have any method all together, that can not achieve the ideal effect . the best is based on the location of their website and their own energy, resources. Choose the most effective methods, and then focus on the implementation of these several methods to the extreme, you will achieve more than very good results.

Analysis of the profit model of John Sound Network

the current profit model of John Network is mainly rely on the SP to make money, because the current music network is itself by a listed SP Company operation. But as far as the long-term development of John's network is concerned, it should be possible to generate many new profit models.

One of the patterns: original music Promotion

There are too many people with music talent in the country, but very few people can be famous, and most of the original singers who have already become famous are the first original albums very well, and after becoming famous, they are getting worse.

Most of the good music from the folk, from the grassroots, John Sound network to push original music, then you can try for the vast number of unknown original type to provide a platform, so that many of the original singer on this platform to benefit.

The creation of a good , you can use this platform to auction, to obtain some benefits.

Creative Good singing , you can directly through the brand to let their music spread out. There is a chance to earn a good profit on the name and the benefit.

The second mode: Mobile music Promotion

Ringtones and other forms of mobile music more and more fire, John Sound network can improve the platform, so that ordinary users have become the color ring, and the use of their own SP resource advantages, so that the production of outstanding netizens through the release of their own Russian works, to promote their own works to obtain income.

That is, the works have netizens to create their own, market users themselves to promote, John Sound network to provide this platform, and then charge a certain fee.

slogan: Break the traditional music industry operation mode! Leading a century of life!

you think it's John Sound Network ( How should it be developed? Welcome to join me in the discussion .

about the development of music website, welcome everyone to discuss with me directly directly to the website Operation Forum


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