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The network marketing strategy of the Business-to-consumer website

The core of business is marketing!

L e-commerce is the core of network marketing!

L B 2C website to reduce costs, improve revenue , the most important thing is to work the network marketing!

B 2C Web site How the system, scientific to carry out network marketing work? Here to share some experience to everyone, I hope to help you.

B 2C Four-step marketing strategy for the website:

The first step: Increase the flow:

through a variety of promotional means, as much as possible to bring more potential customers. Commonly used methods of promotion are:1, search engine optimization,2, keyword advertising,3, Alliance promotion,4, Activity promotion,5, news promotion,6, occasion promotion, 7, navigation site Landing,8, pure search engine landing,9, Friendship links .... And so on;

Web site to promote a lot of ways, but in the promotion, we must combine their own operations team, choose the most suitable for their own to do, and then the implementation of these methods to the extreme to achieve the best results.

How do you implement your choice of methods to the extreme? That requires a lot of detail. About website promotion, improve traffic has written a lot of articles, here is no longer long-winded. If you have any questions, you can communicate to

Next, we'll focus on improving the conversion rate .

Two steps: Increase conversion rate:

To improve the conversion rate, we need to make potential customers as many as possible into direct customers. How to operate it?

First of all: to share the idea of a sale first: sell the product is heavy selling feeling!

What does your site give users the feeling that can greatly improve your conversion rate?

Answer: pleasure!

How to give it to the user?

, Web page must be opened fast:
The Web page opens slowly, will let the user mood irritability, the webpage opens the speed quickly, will let the user feel happy, feels very cool. So be sure to do everything possible to improve the speed of web pages. How to improve the speed of the Web page?

L Widen the bandwidth of the Web page:
Although this needs to increase costs, but also very necessary, if you hesitate, consider the following two ways.

L optimize the code for the Web page:
Optimize the design of the code, remove the code too much between the grid, to lose weight on the web.

L optimize the layout of the page:
Do not for the board destroyer of the page on the mess stacked content, each page only put the most necessary and most important content.

2 , let the user feel bubble in your site, time is very fast:

When users look at what they are interested in, time will be particularly fast, so that users feel happy, your business is good to do. So in the user browsing time, must according to the user to browse the situation, the automatic judgment user's liking.

Dangdang has a very good function: When users browse a book, next to the hint will be prompted to buy the book's users do not have those books. It's this function greatly improved the viscosity of the site, prompting users to browse more, buy more.

3 , the shopping process must be fast:

Most users buy products on the Internet, are impulsive consumption, the user generated a purchase impulse just for a moment, if your shopping process is cumbersome, it will make users feel very annoying, you may lose this user. If you can let the user in the impulse of the moment to complete the order, and let the user after the purchase also feel that their choice is correct. Then you will succeed!

What if it's implemented?

L optimize the shopping process

Do not user a point of purchase on the first prompt user registration or landing, you should use the cookies technology record the purchase of users, and so on, confirm the time to complete the registration completed order.

L A lot of Praise users

After the user completes the order, must appear a praise and affirmation user's words, this will let the user feel his choice is very correct.

Similarly, in some other links, but also more praise users!

Step three: Improve website viscosity and reputation:

After the user bought a, we still have to find ways to let him carry out two times consumption, three times consumption, and even constantly back to spend, to stick to him, let him think of buying this product when they come to your website to buy. Also, let him help us to take the initiative to carry out word-of-mouth propaganda. Only in this way can the business of your website be as good as possible.

If you improve the site's viscosity and word-of-mouth, you can go to the Network marketing Planning network ( ) to see the relevant articles .

Fourth Step: Network Marketing Effect Detection:

This method is used, the effect of good will need to detect, so your site is very necessary to install a network marketing analysis system, so you can be on your site's marketing situation at a glance. Then according to the analysis of the data appropriate adjustment of the corresponding marketing strategy. Follow the step-by-step and do the best you could!

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