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October 05, at that time Douban on-line half a year, I also tianya in charge of product aspect work. Once, when communicating with a famous VC manager, we talked about the potential competitors of the Tianya. I told him not mop, but watercress. He was slightly surprised at my answer.

I never thought mop was a competitor to the end of the Earth--last year when I was an employee of the Tianya, I said, now I am not an employee of the Tianya, I still say so. The industry, especially the media sector, has almost never used figures to talk about mop, and is far too optimistic. In fact, mop this site, in Chen a boat did not buy before, only equivalent to the main version of the three layout, (refer to my article in the last May, "mop some data analysis"), and Tianya only the main version has more than 50 suites; After Chen a boat acquisition mop, how to say? Oh, today's the weather huh Ah.

But watercress, although in October 05 just on the line half a year, its flow can not be compared to the end of the Earth, but I was as the Tianya staff, it has been regarded as the main competitor. This shows that I have been very concerned about watercress. January 07, in the later industry widely circulated "Mr Xie, Keso, wheat field New Year dialogue: Community 2007," a article, I still optimistic about watercress, but at the same time I think the watercress has a "structural" problem.

On this issue, last year I wrote "The Power of Watercress" and "Community: Scale and" in the unity of the body "are involved." In fact, I'm writing these articles trying to explain a phenomenon: why did watercress grow so fast in 05, and in 06 it grew so flat? And I attributed this to watercress's own "structure" problem.

But to be honest, the answer only gives a partial explanation. I always think that there are other reasons for the contrast between the 05 and 06 of watercress. But what is that?

Under the advice of the new host of "Community research", Community research five host Ho Tian, gintonic, meditation, Hilaa and I set up a research group, published a regular report of five people, each of the reports from a number of angles, analysis of the same website, so as to hope to pragmatic, detailed attitude, Analyze, summarize and refine the experience of community operation of Chinese Internet website, and provide reference for practical operation of friends in the industry.

As the first report of the research group, we selected the subjects of Douban.

Yesterday, in the process of completing this research work, I also carefully analyzed the watercress. Unexpectedly, once long troubled me watercress "05 years of rapid growth and steady growth in 06," The Mystery, let me untie the. Or maybe I saw the truth of the watercress.

Second, the flow of watercress and services

First say the flow of watercress. From the Alexa curve, and then according to my experience, watercress now daily independent IP may be around 200,000, PV in about 1.5 million. Some people may feel that this flow is not small, but as a two-year website, the flow of watercress is actually quite good-because it is not from the "buy" flow, but are watercress services brought about by the "genuine" flow.

Besides the service of watercress. The brief introduction of the service composition of watercress is as follows:

Service category
Unique and unique service
Community service
SNS Service
Derivative services

Team (Group)

In the above project, watercress's "original characteristics of service" is the most important, it is the reason for watercress is the key service. So, how does the user use watercress's "original characteristic service"? For this question, I have asked around some people, we basically are like this: I read a book (film/music), or I want to buy a book (film/music), I will go to the watercress to see.

These friends ' answers, and my own use of watercress is exactly the same. In addition, because I have many years of network experience in the "reading" related community, I on the network "scholar" group more understanding, which also makes me believe that most of the network "scholar" is so the use of the characteristics of watercress services.

Now there are many friends in the industry think that the characteristics of watercress to do a good job, especially the "algorithm" and "User behavior analysis" of these two aspects. But I do not agree with this view: On the one hand, I also think watercress in the "algorithm" and "User behavior analysis" to do a lot of innovation, do a pretty good job, on the other hand, I think they do this work, ignore the "interaction" this more critical factor. In short, for product design, I always think that-"algorithm" to do a good job, not as good as "interaction".

You may not agree with my product Design view. It doesn't matter, my point is actually want to say, according to my experience, the current watercress "reading music film" features service product design, should not support the current 1.5 million PV flow.

Third, the Watercress group

The flow of watercress, I analyze, most probably comes from-"group".

Let's briefly talk about the Watercress group. At present, the total number of watercress Group is 25,851, the number of subscribers to the group is as follows:

Number of Subscribers
Number of groups

More than 1000 people

500-1000 people

200-500 people

100-200 people

50-100 people

20-50 people

10-20 people

5-10 people

3-5 people

2 people

1 people

For the above distribution, the XBA Netizen of the miracle Note has very incisive exposition. In its "watercress group, nor long tail distribution", he said: "I put 15 people under the group, a total of more than 19,000 groups, the total number of all added, a total of more than 60,000 people (times)." And if we add up the total number of teams in the first 500 groups (more than 500) to more than 600,000. This is a curve that is steeper than the 28 distribution, after 80% of the group, only the first 2% (not yet 20%) of the group number 1/10. If the first 20% groups are counted, they can reach 99% of the total number.

So, watercress "head" group in the end how "strong"? Yesterday I put watercress ranked first "love watching movie" group Analysis: The group created about 700 days, the total number of main stickers more than 6,500, basically can be regarded as the main 10 articles per day. I also counted the latest 200 update main stickers and the middle of the 200 main paste, found that "love to watch the movie" user response rate is quite high, the latest 200 recovery rate is 30, and the middle 200 reply rate is 20.

For me, this is an important discovery, the data let me suddenly enlightened: watercress a "strong" group, already comparable to a large community of a section of the flow-such as "Love to watch movies," The post reply total, should have reached the main version of the "Film and Television Review" of 1/5.

And this, is just a group of watercress!

Because I know the flow of the Tianya very much. Therefore, through the "love to see the film" This group, I from the end of the Earth's flow to estimate the flow of watercress group, and then compare the total flow of watercress 150PV. My inference is: watercress This 1.5 million PV flow, a large number from group. and the specific flow data, I estimate the watercress group has about 1 million PV, that is, the watercress group's flow occupies the total station more than 70%-and, this part of the flow of strict adherence to the traditional 28 principles, mainly by more than 25,000 groups in the "head" of 240 groups to contribute. (Subscribe to a group of over 1000 people).

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