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Every day in the Webmaster Network SEO optimization version of the content, but has been diving, today can not help but send an article, when everyone together to explore.

SEO optimization is definitely starting from the start of the station, the first site is the best div+css, and now basically the site is the case, and flash can be less, as far as possible, especially the site do not make a beginning animation, which are well-known stations do, You stand by yourself, if you don't have any fame, just be honest.

There is also the title of the site, description, and key words are also very important, you see how I set up:

<title> Hefei Decoration Company's preferred scenery decoration </title>

<meta content= "Hefei decoration company Zhi Jing is your trustworthy decoration company, as a professional Hefei decoration company and Hefei Decoration Company, we rely on professional design team and a strong construction team, To provide you with professional Hefei decorative design and design Integration Services Hefei. Hefei Home Decoration Company Service Hotline: 0551-5178051 "name=" description ">

<meta content= "Hefei decoration Company, Hefei Decoration Company, Hefei Decorating Company" name= "keywords" >

See, I mainly do " Hefei decoration company " This keyword, so my title, description and keywords " Hefei decoration company " are ranked first, this is to be in accordance with the habit of Baidu to engage.

There is can chew, I will do three keywords, and my title to do a keyword, or can chew, remember, avoid!

Take a look at my news headline:

<title>2010 Wallpaper Color selection</title> decoration (random selection of an article title AH)

See, this is a copy of Webmaster Station News system title to do, description and keywords have not changed, the news system in each article after the title of a " decoration" including a space in the post title after the addition of a-space in the scene decoration, don't ask me why, I do not know, according to him this to do OK, and the effect is very obvious, I have a lot of articles are ranked in the first page of Baidu.

There is a link to the site, I do is through the link, do this has two advantages, the first advantage is to make a link with me, he is comfortable, the second is that I added my three keywords in the friendship link, suggest you can chew, do not greedy, I 30 links, add three: Hefei decoration company, Hefei Decoration Company, Hefei Decoration Company, every 10 plus one, I see a lot of friends of the station are their own keyword links, not that necessary, too greedy, Baidu is not SB's.

Their home page pictures are added anchor text, my home page picture of 70 of the picture I added and I have the same title "Hefei decoration Company preferred to decorate" unity, do not greedy, don't put the pictures are added, to leave some room for themselves!

I believe that the content of the king, the chain for the emperor, I often on the webmaster network sometimes others say Baidu big update what what, to the station, in fact, is not too greedy, or not grasp the contents of the king, the chain for the emperor.

My habit is every 2 days to update a false original, we can see my station, my news system are not called first, in order to beautiful, there is no way, but to my site rankings do not affect, adhere to do on the ok!

Since my key words "Hefei decoration Company, Hefei Decoration Company, Hefei decoration Company" appeared in Baidu home page, now has three months, never lost, not my cool, but I insist, but I know can chew, I do not greedy. Basically with the Hefei decoration linked keywords are in the first page of Baidu, like what: Hefei decorative nets, Hefei decoration, Hefei decoration Company What what, this is the title of the knack of setting, not greedy.

But my station does not have Baidu snapshot, because takes over this station before this station was made the mess, one months changed three times keyword, hey, now only slightly slow down a little, Updated a snapshot from 7.30 days to 9.28 days, but I do not care, I as long as the key words in the first page on the line, there are no keywords have snapshots, there is no snapshot of keywords, I continue to adhere to, I believe that Baidu put me out is sooner or later, and the key words I have the flow.

Write a very messy, I was thinking of where to write, hope to see brother don't mind, do SEO optimization I feel a few summary:

1, the title, description, key words do not set more, set more than go, want so much to do, and the best main words, all put in the first place. Can Chew

2, picture anchor text to do, but do not do, Baidu will punish, really, I have encountered (can chew)

3, Friendship link best link, to their own others are good, do not add so many keywords in. Can Chew

4, the chain can be through 58 with the city ah, net what hair under the OK, can go to Baidu Search: Information publishing site, I collected more than 100 stations, each station sent one to two messages, which added links and text anchor text.

5, suggest to all links to link the site to publish links, link name is your main keyword, I baidu the first 10 pages of friendship chain station, I have an account, half a month to one months to update the OK, the chain is enough! I now only update links, the company has activities, I only to the information release site to publish information!

6, the content of the most critical, adhere to the false original, the content of fine selection, and you this industry-related, the user is really useful, the user experience is the most important, do not engage in garbage articles to hair, in order to content and hair content.

On these points, this is my experience to optimize the summary, by the way to do a small advertisement, the site keywords: Hefei decoration company, Hefei Decoration Company, Hefei Decoration Company, website address: I qq:56732483, welcome to discuss each other!

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