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First of all, I would like to explain that Seo can actually improve Google's search ranking and the methods are also diversified. I will introduce some useful and easy-to-use methods,
Step by step from the following aspects:
1. Title Policy
2. Keyword Policy
3. link policy
4. Registration Policy or blog Policy
5. online manual Policy
6. URL rewriting Policy
7. Simplified and traditional conversion strategies
8. Click Policy
9. page layout policy
10. Writing Strategies
11. Other Methods

I. Title Policy
The title selection is nothing special, but if you want to search your site in all languages, you have to use some tips.
The title is described in Chinese and English. It is actually very simple, but many sites have not done it.
For example, for my website, the Chinese language is "Green School". It seems that this is enough,
However, I added a new "Green Institute" so that all the languages can search for my site, which can be found by typing "Green Institute ".
But remember to have a space !!!
You can add another slogan or other words to it. The individual adds "do not listen to human pleasure, want to get it, do it ."
In this way, three more keywords can be found.

Ii. keyword strategies
Keywords do not require too much information. You can split the site phrase for use,
Take me as an example:
<Meta name = "keywords" content = "Green College, green Institute, Green School-green Institute, do not listen to human pleasure, do what you want, do not listen to human pleasure-Do what you want, I want to get it. Green, college, green, and institute. "/>
In this way, there will be a lot of keywords.
In addition, the following descriptions should be added to the page (which can be viewed by yourself), and the descriptions should be replaced by XXX below:
<Meta name = "title" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "author" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "subject" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "Description" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "keywords" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "generator" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "language" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "expires" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "abstract" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "Copyright" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "designer" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "publisher" content = "XXX"/>
<Meta name = "revisit-after" content = "XXX Days"/>
<Meta name = "distribution" content = "Global"/>
<Meta name = "Robots" content = "follow"/>

Iii. link policy
The link policy should be useful and effective.
You can exchange links with others, but remember to use text exchange. Spider does not recognize pictures!
For the objects to be exchanged, of course, Pr (sites with high PageRank) is selected. Generally, if the value is less than 2, you do not need to consider it.
You can query PR here:
Http:// Url = % 3a88
Http:// 88/modules/Gi-tools/GI-Tools_pagerank.php? Url = % 3a88

4. Registration Policy or blog policy
currently, free blogs are used in full street, And the PR of those blog service providers is generally high, so it is easy to apply, I think this method is very effective.
the method is registration. Write your own Article ,: (
how to write, haha, it is to write a lot of frequently-used keywords, and then each keyword is linked to the URL of your site. Simple
here we recommend several blog providers:
1. yculblog
2. cnblogs
3. google groups
4. tom blog
5. donews
6. teeta
7. blogcn
8. MSN blog
Haha, you can refer to my cheating blog: Hl = XX-hacker & newwindow = 1 & c2coff = 1 & Q = % E7 % BB % BF % E8 % 89% B2 % E5 % ad % a6 % E9 % 99% A2 +- + green + Institute & btng = z34r % 3C % 7C-% 7C

5. online manual strategy
This is a self-interest method. How can we benefit ourselves?
it can be explained as follows:
the online manual is static data in HTML format, which can enrich the content of your website and improve the pages indexed by Google.
however, remember that you must put links to these materials in obvious locations to speed up Google indexing.
Add the site title again. It is troublesome to add all the site titles. Here we recommend that you use search and replace V5.0 to do this,
This is a powerful tool for searching and replacing file content !! (SEO required)
of course, the original title of the Manual cannot be replaced. This is a copyright issue, but you can add the title of your site.
For example:
the original title is: php <SPAN class = "wp_keywordlink"> Program </span> encoding standards
you can use the tool to use the keyword " "search for all files,
then, replace all the files with the keyword " Green School-green Institute-Don't listen to human music-want to get-do-xoops |,
in this way, you can write the title of your site for each page. Use "search and replace V5.0" as needed.
reference example: 88/document/php_coding_standard/php_coding_standard_cn.html 88/apache_cn/ 88/document/MySQL/manual_toc.html

Vi. URL rewriting Policy
This is a killer operation :)
If your website is a static page generated, you certainly don't need to do it any more,
But now many websites are dynamic pages and the content is dynamic content, which requires URL rewrite,
Here we use apaceh as the main type, and use the URL rewritten by my website as an example,
You can refer to the articles I wrote about URL rewriting. We recommend using regular expressions. For convenience, I didn't use regular expressions.
Online mod_rewrite automatic conversion tool:

VII. Simplified and traditional conversion strategies
This technology is good!
How can this be a good idea?
It can be explained as follows:
If the site supports automatic text Switching Based on the browsers gb2312 and big5, it means that a Google page is recorded twice at the same time,
Interesting, but I haven't used this technology yet,
You can refer to this site: Num = 100 "target =" _ blank "> Num = 100 & HL = XX-hacker & newwindow = 1 & c2coff = 1 & Q = Site % & btng = z34r % 3C % 7C-% 7c
However, you do not need to add the page tag code for English and other languages for automatic conversion, unless you can automatically convert the English in simplified Chinese,
Otherwise, you will let others see a lot of garbled code! I think you probably don't need such a thing to happen,
However, this method is also a very killer method,
If you have added more than a dozen languages for automatic switching, or more, the X-encoding of a page is indexed by Google. ^

8. Click Policy
This is a silly practice, but it is very effective. We recommend that you use software to achieve click,
For example, if you want to rank the keyword "gift" on your site before Google,
Then you can log on to Google Hl = XX-hacker "target =" _ blank "> Hl = XX-hacker
Search for this keyword, click it when you see your site, and then click it several more times ,:(
A fool, haha, but there is a very effective method, that is, using the Opera Browser to turn off cookies, then refresh the page, and then click. This is simple.
In addition, keywords cannot be listed at the beginning. You can use "site: domain name + keyword" to quickly search.
Site: + flowers

9. page layout policy
As simple as possible, simple as possible,
Simplicity is not equal to monotonic, which involves the production of web pages... I will not elaborate.

10. Writing Strategies
This is very simple. It is to write something technical and then publish it to a well-known big site (but it must have a technical level first), and then leave your site information.
Here we recommend /;.
The advantage is that there are many people in famous places, and there are many people who refer to them. If there are too many people to cite, aren't you doing more?

11. Other methods
the so-called "know yourself, know yourself, and know yourself" approach is a hundred battles. This is the statistics.
Find a good statistical program !!! It is necessary.
here is a tip to learn about Google's indexing of your page.
applicable to PhP pages.
content in the footer:
echo '

'. date ('Y-m-d h: I '). 'crawler '. $ _ server ["http_user_agent"]. '@'. $ _ server ["remote_addr"];
// emerald URL: 88
in this way, the page displays the viewer information, such as my:
crawled by Opera/8.00 (Windows NT 5.2; U; en) @
PS: You can use your own descriptions for crawled by, but I think this is appropriate :)
then you can log on to Google for query.

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