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2 years ago, just into the job Ali has not been positive to participate in the information revision project, that is my product debut, a visual designer, at that time was already an unpainted black and white draft and a plane manuscript. Do not know who is the producer, also do not know who the director is, more do not know who the other actors, the boss said to me, on the confused starred. Stumbled 7.8 version of the show to let the demand side selected, and finally it is quite smooth selected a version. Then the optimization and then change, also in that week every day to a 11 point, and finally in the agreed time before, to the responsible for the late front-end students, then, then on the line ... At that time the feeling is: the original product design is such AH. After the on-line, unsatisfactory, a lot of things and I think there is a little distance.

2 months ago, also full of 2 years, I seem to find that I and "2" This number is very predestined, look back at the original I have never left the community. This time I received the task of information upgrade, unsurprisingly, after 2 years of beating, I would like to change him, due to the "no resources", fortunately, the top has opened its eyes, requesting information to be more professional and more authoritative! So, I was once again in the information upgrade project! It's been a really deep feeling in this movie, While still starring in a visual designer, but to make the final works close to the perfect appearance in front of the public, only to do their own job is not enough, of course, in the process, if you also encounter such as small handsome and baboons such an excellent producer, also can save a lot of time, For example, I can not spend too much time to tangle data problems, to manage problems, do not have to think about how to repeat why this is the problem here and so on ... However, does not mean that I have a good vision, the other do not have to pipe, otherwise, visual designers will always be art: Do not want to be a producer of the actors are not good director! Don't want to do PM experience Designer is not a good product manager! The numerous versions of famous sayings that have been copied are useful in many places. In order to enrich their experience and understanding of the project, a lot of things still want to kiss, although finally still have a lot of small problems exposed, but think back, if nothing, finally exposed the problem will be more, although not to achieve the ideal in mind, but at least from the "perfect" and a step closer.

Total Project Flow:

* The point of the yellow dot is that I am involved in this project process.

① experience Key indicators: Here is the project early small handsome professional methodology mentioned in the 5 dimensions, listen to share students should know H-E-A-R-T:

② Six-degree analysis: The six-degree analysis mentioned here is different from the six-degree relationship between human and human, so simply explain that the six-degree analysis here is a kind of distributed, integrated, and help users to systematically analyze the problem of the way of thinking.

Here to do a simple explanation, specific details please pay attention to Li long share or consult me, contact Wang Wang: lilong4174

Early project small handsome very give force, take the information data analysis and share to PD, operation and front-end, for the project and product planning to play a solid foundation. User research here is divided into 2 parts, one part is with small handsome information to participate in interviews with senior users, and another part of my professional (company staff: Boss, PD, operations, designers, development) for a simple visit. The 2-part investigation adds up to the resulting final version of the information architecture (interactive draft) and final emotional version analysis produced after the information module. As a visual designer for the entire project, the project concludes with an analysis of the emotional version of the output of the visual manuscript, the late front-end follow-up attention and review the project initially need to consider the three aspects of the problem. Good, half of the article, then really go into the focus ...

One: Emotional version analysis to the output process of visual manuscript

Emotional version:

About the emotional version of the simple steps: Experience keywords (from the above mentioned 2 parts of user research) → keyword derivation (materialization, vision and mood mapping) → search according to the derivative of the image → image color block → generate emotional version ( Detailed visibility Information Upgrade mood version view address: NASALIBABAB2B Project group Chinese station ued# Application Design Group # Information upgrade (slide seems to need to flip the wall, use our server bar))

Combined with the whole design experience: In fact, for the product itself, especially visual designers, in order to design before the designer should have a visual illusion in mind, and emotional version is for this visual illusion to do a good demonstration of the method, Also for the visual review of the time to convince the boss and the idea may be inconsistent with you to find a more effective reason. It is also a very effective way to use the emotional version directly when you are unable to produce feelings. But remember, no thing is absolute! In particular, such as our so-called "like the warm Chinese", perhaps the design of a blue-tone or cold color products need to make great determination and can convince the boss of the gas field! And although I made a lot of determination, but know that the gas field is not strong enough, so I also left a path for themselves ...

Competitive Product Analysis:

At the end of the emotional version add a screen, as follows:

In order to avoid the boss finally forced to use the warm tone version, resulting in the emotional version of the argument is partially ineffective ... It turns out that this is not unscientific, because the boss did mention a pit dad's request: "In a version of the warm color bar ..." "Well, that's OK." "The final outcome is conceivable. Information, of course, or to follow the rules of the market, the market law from where, the analysis of competition products! This is definitely a statement with the emotional version called "Double Defense"! The competition analysis can be the final step to prove the emotional version of the analysis, so the final use of the cold color of the visual version, and finally let me breathe a sigh of relief. And I finally didn't make my emotional version into a pit Dad's methodology. Many people may not know which dimensions to choose when they analyze the competition, in fact, you can design according to the design of the draft to extract, for example: the main color, picture accounted for, whether there is background color, the module has a border, hover color, large paragraph text color, etc., can be used as a DPL part of the competition is the key element of the analysis. In the same vein, some of the extracted elements, even though most of the competing products have, sometimes the boss is hoping that something is different, this situation will happen, without destroying the overall effect too much, then according to the boss to do some try it, and this special situation has a certain direction, the risk is not whether it will destroy visual effects, But with the front-end classmate cooperation point of time, into the next section.

Second: The late front-end follow-up attention matters

Episode One: The end of the first part says that the boss will have some special requirements for a product, for example, encountered in this process, the other n many times not counted, and finally confirmed that the final draft of a certain month black night, the idea of a jump, the boss said: "The other look is pretty good, look for a long time, the font color a bit shallow enough focus, Can change the #444 into #333, immediately tiger body an earthquake, blurted out: The final manuscript has been confirmed Ah, into the front, in the change is not very good ah, the boss said it's okay, change a color value quickly, so I have to bite the bullet to find the front end, the next day, the boss also feel a little bit of link color problem, too gray ah, to change the link color, At that time, the mind muttered: "NI can not be a one-time finish, the final manuscript to confirm how not to say ah." Of course, did not say the export, so dingy looking for the front end and want to change, the front-end students are not happy, say you need to change ah, a few times ah, do not do ah, find PD ah, can not be online on time you are responsible for it, the process is very worried you understand, in fact, I can understand the front of the classmate to change a color value is small, process some not enough to restore the mark again , some small point changed and afraid of change after the boss said to change back, so they reflect on a will finally through unremitting efforts and insisted that the boss does not change the link color here, and immediately to change the project after the release of the unified demand.

To summarize a few points you need to confirm before entering the front end:

Callout: In particular, the unified output of the callout to detail, or after the reduction is not responsible or your (there are several parts to be cautious: navigation, breadcrumbs, module editable region, font color and size use, Uniform type module spacing)

Button: The state must be in the final manuscript to the end of the completion of the full, do not think that the front will come to ask you to, yourself first ready to put on the page

Hover: Although hovering is a unified specification, but it is important to remember that navigation is the entire page of the special existence is also the flow between the page and the hub, there is a background color navigation to pay attention to, hover color must not say the whole page unified, navigation hover only underlined enough.

Special Areas: Special circumstances must be another explanation, to be detailed, otherwise the front end on the basis of your unified standard to do. The results of a timely visual manuscript may not be found, or need to be annotated.

Daily follow-up: Smoke at least 2 times a day to see the design of the front-end, reducing the problem can be resolved on the spot, save some trouble.

Iii. initial issues to be considered in the project

If it's a new project, don't worry about it, the product manager will plan this series of questions when they build the requirements document. Project upgrades or revisions, such problems will be relatively more, there are many upgrades or revisions are not the original project originator initiated or advanced, so there will be some deviation in the transmission of information. It should be noted that several aspects are as follows:

Advertising: In the revision before the need to understand the entire page which is the position of the department, which update authority is to other departments, these must be in advance before the design of the homework, or will lead to the project on line extension or on line this position and visual manuscript inconsistent, For example, this information in the revision of the home page and detail are part of the advertising is owned by Yahoo in Beijing, Tanx advertising, there is a part of the shadow ads, these positions are sometimes not always show out, sometimes only a few days a month to show, so it is easy to ignore when the revision design. Or may mistakenly think that belongs to the department responsible for this product. The current solution is to sign out of the contract before the ad bit for temporary design size compression or elongated treatment, temporarily as far as possible to maintain the effect should not be too large, such as the end of the contract to change the final design draft size and timely to the owner of the new size of Yahoo.

Cooperation bit: Information detail part of the location to the P4P, similarly, because the page this position is directly embedded in the P4P code, not a certain time in advance to P4P we need to upgrade the template style, resulting in the line after the position of the modular style and uniform style is very far, but also is to destroy the atmosphere, Although some miserable, a lesson, posted out for everyone to look at, currently according to the P4P Department of resources to complete the end of the new template matching.

* Code: This does not belong to the designer's forward-looking category, but encountered in the process of feeling very interesting, a product came out, always will be linked with the SEO, traffic is the king Ah, SEO weight than part of the code according to the written to judge, Front-end students used a relatively simple way of code later related to SEO responsible for the students to do a small share, the front-end students to change the code into a suitable way of SEO, of course, the front look is no difference. In this process, the active factors are taken into account in order to make the product better quality.

There are other considerations of welcome to add, the above are described in this project I deduce the role of experience and feelings.

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