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Not any space can adapt to the needs of the SEO, so we buy space, we also need to take into account the needs of SEO operations. This time we will discuss with you how to combine the operation of the SEO needs to buy the right site space. Basically, as long as we meet the space below 15 points, we can consider accepting. A disadvantage to the operation of the SEO space, will be the optimization of our later operation caused a lot of bondage, and a consistent with the principle of SEO space, will give us a follow-up operation brought great convenience.

(1) The size of the space to be appropriate. Now the space, for size, is basically not a problem, hard disk price is very cheap, in other configurations of the same situation, choose a larger storage space, now the market is basically a dollar 1 g, relatively speaking million network and other business service-type space to much more expensive, so, according to their own needs to choose, Not necessarily the biggest best, the right is the principle, too small useless, too much waste.

(2) The type of space to be based on their own needs. Now the type of space is very rich, virtual host, rental, hosting, VPS, Cloud Host, choose a lot, generally speaking, virtual host and rental is more cost-effective, for large enterprises, because of business and security factors such as the need for server customization, can use the form of host hosting; VPS is relatively independent, can also be customized according to their own needs, is between the rental and custody of a better choice. Cloud host, to the speed of a high demand for enterprises, or have a large number of branch stations can consider the use of this cluster host form, through different regions to visit different host forms to balance the burden of the site.

(3) bandwidth is very important. Many friends often pursue the configuration of the server and the size of the space, and ignore a very important factor--bandwidth, the number of bandwidth determines the speed of Web site access, at present, a lot of space is 100M shared bandwidth, properly managed to do dozens of stations is not a problem, VPS is generally 2m-5m exclusive, is also very good. In the same case, it is better to choose a large bandwidth.

(4) Compatibility of ISP network access. Now there are a lot of problems with the visits between different ISPs in China, Telecommunications, Unicom, Netcom, Education Network and so on, in some cases, can not exchange, so in the choice of space is the best choice to provide multi-line space, now the most common is the two-line and three-wire space, for only one single IP, it is best to consider the first , is not enough, if enough, single-line IP problem is not big.

(5) With the number of IP sites to pay attention. A lot of space is dozens of people or even hundreds of people share, we have to pay attention to the same server inside the number of sites, the number of the site is of course the less the better, whether from the bandwidth or from the server resources, the number of sites is very bad. And the website is too many, in the security aspect also has the very big problem, sink destroys in the nest, as long as a website security has the question, perhaps the entire server is finished. There are many sites using CMS production, which itself is not a problem, but a lot of CMS to provide collection functions, acquisition function is very occupied with bandwidth and server resources, such a number of sites, may cause the entire server's Web site can not access.

(6) With the quality of IP sites to pay attention. We can't control who the space trader will sell the service to, nor control what other people buy the space to do, we can control only their own choice. If within a server, there are a large number of garbage stations, which is very worthless for search engines, we will be the site built in such a server, that basically do not want to do, because a site cheating, and the whole server site by K is a lot of cases, so in the choice of space, Be sure to check the quality and type of the same IP site.

(7) The technical strength and management ability of the space business. Space in a sense is an open environment, we can not discharge some people ulterior motives, in your choice of server to put back door or trojan program, perhaps the external defense of space is very strong, but the internal is often a soft rib, from the internal has been breached a lot of cases, so, For the space quotient of technical strength and reputation to investigate clearly, security is not worthy of our trust, out of the problem can quickly respond and solve, this is very important.

(9) Whether to provide data backup. There are two types of backup, one is the space vendor backup, the other is the packaging of their own download to local backup. "Many space vendors provide data backup services"-meaning that many space vendors do not provide data backup services. Data backup can be destroyed in the site, the maximum amount of damage to recover, this function is very practical. If the space business does not provide, also do not care too much, we can do our own backup. But to pay attention to a problem, many space operators to limit the flow of FTP, if we pack the number of downloads to download frequently, the FTP traffic may be used up, after the real want to add files, there may be no traffic available, the need for additional pay to increase the flow limit. In addition, we can not because the space provider backup, we do not backup, relying on others is very stupid, such as the space provider's backup service from the hard drive is broken, and can not recover it? It was a tragedy. At the same time, space business backup frequency also need to consider, not half a year to backup once so outrageous bar. There are many space vendors to provide a variety of backup methods, they provide backup, but also allows you to manually backup on the server, but to occupy space resources, this time the advantages of space is reflected, you can frequently backup, a day of the problem is not small, the shorter the backup cycle, the more secure the data, And when the right time, such as a small amount of night visits, you can download the backup will be local, so it is more secure.

(10) Space Business customer service attitude and reaction speed. Any space will not be able to a little problem, so customer service and reaction speed is a very important indicator, in the purchase of space to choose the attitude of good service, fast response space, and preferably through the space business customers to understand, to avoid "purchase you are God, after purchase he is God" situation occurs.

(11) Whether to support the common technology SEO. For example, custom 404,.htaccess,rewrite, such as file, function support is very important, if unfortunately does not support customization 404, there is no way to build a good user experience environment, and will waste a lot of outside the chain of resources- We cannot guarantee that others will reprint our article to leave the correct URL, so 404 is very important. Httaccess file support, directly affect some of the mainstream of the CMS or blog can be used, if unfortunately not supported, for people who do not know how to build station technology, is really called broken throat and no one to ignore you. In addition, the rewrite module is important, and the static and pseudo static of the URL depends on him, whether it is Apache or IIS or other Web transformation, it is best to support these features. Specific information space technicians, because the customer service staff may not understand these, in order to performance, you ask him, is basically omnipotent, what all support, very sad urges ~

(12) Virtual directory binding and number of sites built. Many children's boots will do a lot of stations at the same time, then the space is not to mention multiple Web site support and subdirectory binding is very important, if you want to build 3 of sites, unfortunately, the space provider only allows you to build a site, then go to buy a space. And there's another point that's important, is the quantity, allow you to do how many, nature also allow others to do how many, if your space business claims only 30 people, but each space can do 50 stations, can do 1500 stations, this is enough for you to drink a pot. Therefore, in the number above, to choose the right, restricting you is to limit others, for everyone's benefit.

(13) Server configuration and resource allocation. Originally this should be said in the front, however, if the above factors do not meet your requirements, server configuration is no longer meaningful, so now say. Now the server configuration is very high, because the hardware is getting cheaper, so many service providers use the server configuration to attract customers. In general, the server should use the server-specific CPU, memory to be large enough, the average allocation of resources to be reasonable, especially to do static generated site, for CPU peak to note that if too low, static can not be completed; then the simultaneous connection number, is also a very important indicator, which determines your network Station's access capacity, now many space operators do not limit This parameter, this is a good thing is also a bad thing, on behalf of you can occupy other people's resources, and others can occupy your resources; then the flow limit, there are some space merchants limit the flow, there are many space operators do not limit traffic, Can be based on their own needs to choose, the average size of their own pages with you to multiply the number of visits to see how much bandwidth to need, suddenly came out, or that sentence, the right best, too much waste, too little wasted.

(the) Web server type. The current mainstream Web server is popular with IIS and Apache (recently a nginx, similar to Apache, but is said to be a little better than Apache), both of which support a similar file type, However, the Apache server does not support ASP and sites using Access databases, and does not seem to support the,iis server a bit of the almighty flavor, basically everything support. But in terms of performance, linux+apache+mysql+php (lamp) is the preferred PHP class site, it is said that this combination is very stable, very fast, very safe combination, so I do not agree, but LAMP is usually more than windows+ The IIS servers are cheap because the Linux system doesn't have to pay for the extra money like we do with Windows servers, and PHP and MySQL are born Linux, and Microsoft itself uses Linux on many large servers, why don't we? Cheap and good, who does not love? As for the JSP god horse, according to their own needs to come.

(15) Other. For example, SSL, independent IP, etc., can be based on their own needs to choose, in particular, the purchase of foreign IP server students, independent IP is very important to prevent the server by the wall, resulting in the Web site can not be accessed, even if the IP by the wall, change IP on the line. There seems to be a few sites to use SSL, but it's available for free, and we'll be smiling and receptive.

And, of course, there's some other mess, for example, whether to provide online program installation Ah, whether the provision of environmental customization ah what, in short, the function of their own to use the best support, if not supported, can be added, all the factors to consider all, choose a suitable for their own space, is the best.

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