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The so-called VI design, that is, visual identity system, the Web site vi design, that is, the site's visual system. Simply say is the website style, the template. For the site template, large sites are generally more concerned about, fixed down and generally will not change, but also from many aspects to consider the unity of the various parts, unique. and personal sites like pure pursuit of beauty, and some stationmaster is three days two times to change style. And to know, even for the aesthetic and change the style, every time there is a price. The VI of the website is not just a decoration.

Unity function

Users enter a website and click on any one of the links inside. This link may be a link within the site, but also may be outside the site link. How do users identify them? Most users will not see the address bar by comparing two different URLs to identify them. And the first feeling is from the senses to determine whether two pages have different sensory gap. There are a lot of websites like to use a different style, which is undoubtedly to let users have a feeling from entering to another site, this feeling will greatly affect the image of the entire site. In the design of the website, should pursue the characteristic of uniformity. Even two completely different kinds of content. At least the head, tail, and other major parts of the unification, so that users will not fall feeling.

The difference of function

The style of the site is the most recognizable part of other sites. For example, you see a clean, dotted with blue Bear's paw of the website, you will immediately know that this is Baidu's website; you see the pink color of colorful merchandise information that is beautiful said, and orange filled with goods is Taobao. No matter how they change, their vi has been deeply rooted, has been able to do through VI to identify the site. And some stationmaster simply go to pursue beautiful, imitate other people's style directly, use a little big pile of people to use style directly, this has lost the uniqueness of the website itself undoubtedly. Webmaster nets, seowhy, Chianz Why so many years to maintain this style unchanged, its style has been perfect to the point of no need to change it? This is certainly not, but at the expense of the original image, the price is very large.

Identification of the role

The main features of the site VI is the picture, color, word, animation everything, can be completely based on your needs to draw the image you need. Therefore, in the website image, it itself has the role of identification. This identification refers to the ability to allow users to enter your site, the first vision is already clear what kind of site, what industry site. Not every industry has to pursue beauty. For example, search for the pursuit of simplicity, the pursuit of commercial web site is the atmosphere, children's web site is lively, the pursuit of women's website is fashionable. So not all good-looking templates are suitable for your site, I have seen some of the female sites with Chinaz style, which is undoubtedly to combat the user's browsing mentality. Choosing a style that suits you is more important than choosing a good-looking style.

Habitual role

A loyal user of a website, basically to the pattern of the website, typesetting all very understand. Just like I often visit webmaster Web site, basically where the information is useful, where the information is not very clear. Even in the senses, I can consciously block those ads, basically ignore the existence of those positions. This habitual, can greatly reduce the user's browsing costs. Especially for some more subtle settings, such as the corner of a link to the Chinaz Webmaster tool links, if you often change, when I can not find the time, I doubt whether this function has been canceled.

When choosing a website style and making a template, you should consider the above characteristics synthetically. Do a good job of the site's overall VI, try to make less changes. If you want to change it, change it at once. Do not Zooey change the website VI, the website VI is not merely an ornament.

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