Websocket connection failed. websocket connection

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Websocket connection failed. websocket connection
Websocket connection failed

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Recently, the project debugs the server implemented by nodejs related to websocket. Those who are new to web development are not familiar with the websocket protocol and may suffer from problems. Here we only talk about what we understand and the experience in solving problems.
First, nodeserver uses socketio, so it writes a page and uses js to initiate a websocket handshake. It is found that longpoll is always used. It is assumed that webserver does not support the websocket protocol, the http reverse proxy set by haproxy. If haproxy is abandoned and the handshake succeeds, the browser applies to upload the Protocol to websocket, and the web server agrees to transfer the subsequent data through frame. Solve the problem and prove that nodeserver has no problems.
The second time, the client uses the websocket Protocol implemented by cocosdx. When the nodeserver is connected, the handshake fails and chrome development tools cannot be used. Therefore, tcpdump is used to capture packets, no upgrade was found in the http protocol caught by nodeserver. I guess the webserver that does not support the websocket protocol was intercepted. When asked, there is loadbalance in front. It is estimated that the websocket protocol will not be considered in general O & M, change it to a tcp proxy.

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