Week Five Week notes

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Week Five Week notes:

Completed this week.

1.HTML Web design work, learning the use of forms, learned to use forms to create Web pages.

2. Learn the data structure of the sequential table and the dynamic storage and application of linked tables, and how to write code.

3. Learn the high number of partial derivative and full differential.

4. Learned to configure and draw a switch network topology diagram with the command line.

5. Read a foreign book.

Hope to be able to put the knowledge back to the past, more work harder to learn as soon as possible to grasp the knowledge.

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Professional Learning Goals

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New Code Volume

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Knowledge and Skills Summary




Deepen the understanding of the stack and team of data structures.

Learn HTML for web design.

Level four and high count also go hand in hand.


80 rows


"If the seed does not die"

C language weakness leads to the data structure is not understand, every day should spend time knocking code, practice makes perfect.

Week Five Week notes

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