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It is also a busy season for graduates to find jobs, and also a season for major companies to recruit elites. I'm glad that the four friends I met have successively obtained the MS offer and worked in different departments.

Two of them went to Beijing for PM, one was a doctor from Zhejiang University, and the other was a master's degree from Jiaotong University. Both of them are engaged in computer science and are leaders of students. They have rich social work and outstanding professional skills. It is not surprising that they will be able to get the PM offer of ATC after graduation.

Another one will be SDE/T in branch of ATC Shanghai, and one will be SDE in the Development Center of MSN Shanghai. Both of them are also technically well-known and have worked as intern on our side. They are a good engineer I really appreciate and should also get the MS offer. However, the process of finding a job is rather tortuous. They were "humiliated" and "despised" by companies such as IBM, HP, and Intel. Fortunately, they finally entered our Ms door as expected.

The interview process and employment standards of each company are very different, but they do not comment too much. Fortunately, Microsoft recruited the talents they wanted. Congratulations to the four siblings mentioned above, and to be happy with your company.

Welcome to Microsoft!

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