Welcome to the Csdn-markdown Editor

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Welcome to blogging with the Markdown Editor

The Markdown Editor uses Stackedit to make a blog, which will bring a whole new experience:

    • Markdown and extended markdown concise syntax
    • code block highlighting
    • Image link and image upload
    • LaTex Mathematical formula
    • UML Sequence Diagrams and flowcharts
    • Write blog offline
    • Import and export markdown files
    • Rich shortcut keys
Shortcut keys
    • Bold Ctrl + B
    • Italic Body Ctrl + I
    • ReferenceCtrl + Q
    • Insert LinkCtrl + L
    • Inserting codeCtrl + K
    • Insert PictureCtrl + G
    • Promote titleCtrl + H
    • Ordered listCtrl + O
    • Unordered listCtrl + U
    • LineCtrl + R
    • RevokeCtrl + Z
    • RedoCtrl + Y
Markdown and extensions

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in easy-to-read, easy-to-write, plain text format and then convert them into rich HTML pages. --[Wikipedia]

Use simple symbols to identify different headings, mark some text as bold or italic , create a link, and so on, with detailed syntax reference help?.

This editor supports Markdown Extra , which expands a lot of useful features. Please refer to GitHub for details.


Markdown Extra table syntax:

Project Price
Computer $1600
Phone $
Pipe $

You can use a colon to define the alignment:

Project Price Quantity
Computer 1600 USD 5
Phone 12 USD 12
Pipe 1 USD 234
Definition List
Markdown Extra definition list syntax:
Item 1
Item 2
define A
definition B
Item 3
Define C

Definition D

Define D Content

code block

code block syntax follows the standard markdown code, for example:

@requires_authorization def somefunc(param1=", param2=0):    " A docstring "    ifparam1 > Param2:# Interesting        Print ' Greater '    return(Param2-param1 +1)or None class someclass:    Pass>>>Message ="' Interpreter ... Prompt ""

Generates a footnote 1.


Use [TOC] to generate a directory:

    • Welcome to blogging with the Markdown Editor
      • Shortcut keys
      • Markdown and extensions
        • Form
        • Definition List
        • code block
        • Footnote
        • Directory
        • Mathematical formulas
        • UML diagram
      • Write blog offline
      • Browser compatible

Mathematical formulas

Use Mathjax to render LaTex math formulas, see math.stackexchange.com.

    • In-line formula, the mathematical formulais:[math processing Error].
    • Block-level formula:

[Math processing Error]

For more latex syntax please refer here.

UML diagram:

You can render a sequence diagram:

Created with Rapha?l 2.1.2 Zhang San Zhang San John Doe John Doe Hey, little four, did you write a blog? John Doe Leng A bit, said: Too busy to spit blood, which has time to write.

or flowchart:

Created with Rapha?l 2.1.2 Start My actions Confirmation? End Yes No
    • For sequence diagram syntax, refer to Here,
    • For flowchart syntax, refer here.
Write blog offline

Even if users do not have a network, you can also write a blog offline through this editor (directly in the browser you used to enter Write.blog.csdn.net/mdeditor. The markdown Editor uses browser offline storage to save content locally.

When users write a blog, the content is saved in real-time in the browser cache, and the content is not lost when the user closes the browser or other unusual situations. When the user opens the browser again, the unpublished content that was last edited by the user is displayed.

After the blog is published, the local cache will be deleted.

Users can choose to save the blog you are writing to the server drafts box, even if you change the browser or clear the cache, the content will not be lost.

Note: Although the browser storage is more reliable most of the time, but for your data security, after networking, be sure to publish or save to the server drafts box .

Browser compatible
    1. Currently, this editor is the most complete support for Chrome browser. We recommend that you use a newer version of Chrome.
    2. IE9 not supported below
    3. Ie9,10,11 the following issues exist
      1. Offline feature not supported
      2. IE9 does not support file import and export
      3. IE10 does not support drag-and-drop file import
    1. Here is the content of the footnote . ?

Welcome to the Csdn-markdown Editor

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