West number hard drive is broken how is the warranty? West number hard Drive protection tutorial

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The West number of official is generally regardless of warranty, let you find agents, I was bought from Taobao, small Taobao sellers do not care, only to find the west number, dozen n a number of calls, regardless.

China currently two telephones can contact West number:

800-820 6682
400-627 6682

Still have to call this phone, until they help you to deal with, and then, you said you can not find a distributor, the West will help you upgrade the level of processing. The period may allow you to upload some hard disk photos. After one weeks, they received their reply:

Dear Users, Hello!
Thank you for your support for the Western data. We have received the questions about your feedback. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
The case you submitted: *****-****** has been upgraded, you can contact the City Express for insurance, the relevant transport costs need your own commitment, the entire replacement process requires about 22-28 working days. Specific process please contact the City Express service hotline 800-999-3083. If the products you send to the City Express are not in conformity with the product information provided to us, the City Express will refuse to serve you.
After inspection, if WD suspects that your return is fraudulent or that the product is a fake, WD may decide to confiscate the product or take other measures if deemed necessary.

Next I contacted the City Express, now he want to invoice or receipt to guarantee, but I did not ah, and then he said that there is a case number can also, the case behind the case number is the case, tell him, and then he will tell a nearby agent's phone. Next I was contacted with the agent of Shanghai.

The relevant introduction of the City Express reference:

Dear Customer, Hello! Thank you for choosing "WD City Express" service, our service is to find agents or distributors of the end user WD production date of more than one year hard disk repair services (excluding mobile hard disk, external disk).
Please note the procedure. I hereby inform you of the following, please read carefully:
1. If you find a distributor or agent, you can directly find its warranty. The use of the "City Express" service will result in some hard drive transportation and transportation insured costs.
2. This warranty is only for hardware, but does not contain data in the hardware, so please confirm:
(1) There is no useful data in the warranty hard drive.
(2) The appearance is intact. (See the Western Data official website warranty regulations)
3. This is for the replacement of good product plate. (Hard drive for factory repairs)
4. Please send the hard drive to the warranty before the hard drive properly packaged, and with the purchase of the hard copy of the original or photocopy of the invoice, the use of excellent service courier company sent to our company. and write a small note in the package indicating the address, the name of the recipient, the telephone number and so on, and each package is limited to two discs.
5. After receiving the hard drive, we must check the warranty hard drive to see if the appearance and related information complies with WD's warranty regulations; if not, we can only send the original plate back, the freight will be borne by you. If you meet the WD appearance standards, we will be signed as "Han Wan technology" SMS notice you will be related to the cost of remittance to us. (We recommend that you do not send the relevant charges to us in the package; If you choose this method, an accident may occur). If the hard drive to the factory after the confirmation is false disk, need to cut back, the full cost of fake hard drive by the customer commitment, will not be returned.
6. After our company's financial confirmation of your remittance to the account, we will send your hard drive to the factory, the factory will again to the authenticity of the hard drive and other information to check, such as compliance with the warranty will be sent back to the disk.
7. This warranty service starting time to receive your remittance calculation, one months or so you will receive the repair of good products plate.
8. Please mail the warranty hard drive to:
(1) Shanghai
Address: Room 8005, Huacheng Mansion, No. No. 601 Zhangyang, Pudong New area, Shanghai, said, "City Express Group" collection
Phone: 021-50815669
(2) Shenzhen
Address: Shenzhen Futian District che Kung Temple tian An innovation and Technology Plaza 2 West 803A, the "City Express Group" collection
Phone: 0755-82420897
(3) Beijing
Address: No. 6th, Xuanwu Street, Beijing, Zhuang Sheng Plaza, building a 814, the "City Express Group" received telephone: 010-63108100
(4) Guangzhou
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District, No. 5th Longkou East Road, Longhui mansion 1306, the "City Express Group" collection
Phone: 020-85201428
Working time: Monday ~ Friday 9:00-12:00,13:00-18:00. Week Six Sunday, the national legal holiday rests.

Send it by this address.

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