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A very simple command only requires:

wget -c -r -p -k -np [URL]

The meanings of the next parameter are explained below:

-C resumable download-r recursive download, You can traverse the entire site structure-P the page shows the required materials (images, CSS, JS, and so on) -K converts the connection from the downloaded webpage to a local connection (this function is awesome) -NP: only download files from the current site (otherwise, you may install the entire Internet on your hard disk)

The following is a wget help file:

[[Email protected] ~] # Wget -- helpgnu wget 1.12, a non-interactive network file download tool. Usage: wget [Option]... [url]... parameters required for the long option are also required when the short option is used. Start:-V, -- version displays the wget version information and exits. -H, -- help print this help. -B, -- Transfer background to the background after startup. -E, -- execute = command to run a '. wgetrc'-style command. Log in and enter the file-o, -- output-file = file to write the information to the file. -A, -- append-output = file: add the information to file. -D, -- debug prints a large amount of debugging information. -Q, -- Quiet quiet mode (no information output ). -V, -- verbose detailed output (this is the default value ). -NV, -- no-verbose disable detailed output, but do not enter quiet mode. -I, -- input-file = file: Download the URLs in the local or external file. -F, -- force-HTML treats the input file as an HTML file. -B, -- base = parse URL-related HTML input files (specified by the-I-f option ). Download:-T, -- tries = number. Set the number of retries to number (0 indicates no limit ). -- Retry-connrefused: retries even if the connection is rejected. -O, -- output-document = file: Write the document to file. -NC, -- no-clobber do not repeatedly download existing files. -C, -- continue continues to download some of the downloaded files. -- Progress = type: select the progress bar type. -N, -- timestamping only obtains new files than local files. -S, -- server-response: print the server response. -- Spider does not download any files. -T, -- timeout = seconds: Set all timeouts to seconds. -- DNS-Timeout = secs: Set DNS query timeout to secs seconds. -- Connect-Timeout = secs: Set the connection timeout to secs seconds. -- Read-Timeout = secs: Set the read timeout to secs seconds. -W, -- Wait = seconds wait interval is seconds. -- Waitretry = seconds waits for 1 .. seconds during the retry of file retrieval. -- Random-Wait waits for 0... 2 * Wait seconds for retrieval. -- No-Proxy: Disable proxy. -Q, -- quota = Number: Set the retrieval quota to number bytes. -- Bind-address = address: Address (host name or IP address) bound to the local host ). -- Limit-rate = rate: the download speed is limited to rate. -- No-DNS-Cache: Disable the DNS query cache. -- Restrict-file-names = OS-qualified file names contain the characters allowed by OS. -- Case sensitivity is ignored when ignore-case matches a file/directory. -4, -- the inet4-only is connected only to an IPv4 address. -6, -- the inet6-only is connected only to an IPv6 address. -- Prefer-family = family first connects to the address family of the specified protocol as IPV6, IPv4, or none. -- User = User: Set the FTP and HTTP usernames to user. -- Password = pass: set both the FTP and HTTP passwords to pass. -- Ask-Password: enter the password. -- No-Siri: Disable Siri support. -- Local-encoding = ENC Siri uses ENC as the local encoding. -- Remote-encoding = ENC uses ENC as the default remote encoding. Directory:-Nd, -- no-directories. -X, -- force-directories force Directory Creation. -NH, -- no-host-directories do not create a home directory. -- Protocol-directories use the Protocol name in the directory. -P, -- directory-Prefix = prefix to prefix/... save the file -- Cut-dirs = Number ignore the number of remote directory paths. HTTP option: -- http-user = User: Set the HTTP user name to user. -- Http-Password = pass: Set the HTTP password to pass. -- No-Cache does not cache data on the server. -- Default-page = Name: changes the response page (the response page is usually called response index.html "). -E, -- Adjust-extension saves html/CSS documents with appropriate extensions. -- Ignore-length ignores the 'content-length' area of the header. -- Header = string inserts a string in the header. -- Max-redirect: Maximum redirection allowed per page. -- Proxy-user = User: Use user as the proxy username. -- Proxy-Password = pass uses pass as the proxy password. -- Referer = the URL contains 'referer: url' in the HTTP request header '. -- Save-headers: Save the HTTP header to a file. -U, -- User-Agent = agent is identified as agent rather than wget/version. -- No-http-keep-alive disable HTTP keep-alive (permanent connection ). -- No-cookies do not use cookies. -- Load-Cookies = loads cookies from the file before the file session starts. -- Save-Cookies = save cookies to file after the file session ends. -- Keep-session-Cookies load and save SESSION (non-permanent) cookies. -- Post-Data = string: Use the POST method; send the string as the data. -- Post-file = file: Use post to send file content. -- The content-Disposition Header is allowed when the local file name is selected (the content-Disposition Header is still in the experiment ). -- Auth-no-challenge send basic HTTP authentication information without first waiting for the server's challenge. HTTPS (SSL/TLS) Options: -- secure-Protocol = Pr select the security protocol, which can be one of auto, SSLv2, SSLv3, or tlsv1. -- No-check-certificate do not verify the server certificate. -- Certificate = file client certificate file. -- Certificate-type = type client certificate type, PEM or der. -- Private-Key = file private key file. -- Private-key-type = type private key file type, PEM or der. -- Ca-certificate = file contains a set of Ca-authenticated files. -- Ca-directory = dir stores the directory of the hash list for CA authentication. -- Random-file = file contains a file that generates random ssl prng data. -- EGD-file = file is used to name an EGD socket file with random data. FTP option: -- FTP-user = User: Set the FTP user name to user. -- FTP-Password = pass: Set the FTP password to pass. -- No-Remove-listing: Do not delete the '. listing' file. -- No-glob does not use wildcards in the FTP file name. -- No-passive-FTP: Disable the "passive" transmission mode. -- When retr-symlinks recursive directory, get the linked file (rather than the directory ). Recursive download:-R, -- Recursive specifies recursive download. -L, -- level = maximum recursive depth of number (inf or 0 indicates unlimited, that is, all downloads ). -- Delete-after: After the download is complete, delete the local file. -K, -- convert-links enables the link in the downloaded HTML or CSS to point to a local file. -K, -- backup-converted backs up the file X to X. orig before converting the file X. -M, -- mirror-n-R-l inf -- no-Remove-listing. -P, -- page-requisites download all elements such as images used to display HTML pages. -- Strict-Comments: enables precise processing of HTML comments (SGML ). Recursive acceptance/rejection:-A, -- accept = List list of accepted extensions separated by commas. -R, -- reject = List comma-separated list of extensions to be rejected. -D, -- domains = List A list of acceptable domains separated by commas. -- Exclude-domains = List list of fields to be rejected separated by commas. -- Follow-FTP: tracks FTP links in HTML documents. -- Follow-tags = List the list of HTML tags of a comma-separated trace. -- Ignore-tags = List A List Of ignored HTML identifiers separated by commas. -H, -- span-hosts is switched to the external host recursively. -L, -- relative only traces links that have a relationship. -I, -- include-directories = List: List of allowed directories. -X, -- exclude-directories = List: list of excluded directories. -NP, -- no-parent is not traced back to the parent directory. Please send the error report or suggestions to the <bug-wget@gnu.org>.
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