What about Apple 5S blue screen crash? IPhone 5S blue screen crash solution

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Not long ago, Apple released iOS 7.0 and fixed a security bug in the lock screen, but failed to solve the problem of random restart of the phone. There is a large number of users in the Apple support forum that are discussing this issue, and there is a temporary solution, and if the blue screen is related to iwork, you can disable icloud synchronization of pages, keynote, and numbers.

Let me introduce you to the iphone 5S blue screen crash solution

1. Find the "Settings" icon in the IPhone5S, click Open, as shown in the picture

2. Find the "iCloud" option in the Settings list and click Enter, as shown in the picture

3. Find the "Documents and data" option at the bottom of the ICloud settings list to check if the switch is turned on. If it is open, click Enter, as shown in the picture

4. Then close the text and data switch, as shown in the picture

5. The system will then be prompted to delete the documents and data on this iPhone and click the "Close Document" button to continue, as shown in ICloud

6. Then try using the IWork kit to see if it will cause a blue screen reboot.

In addition to the blue screen crash, IPhone 5S users have been complaining that the device is automatically restarted. Apple has released iOS 7.0.2 to fix the lock screen vulnerability, but the automatic restart is still in existence

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