What about computer hard drive lights flashing? Win7 system hard drive lights always flash

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Win7 system users may encounter hard drive lights flashing phenomenon, what is the cause, what is the solution? The following small series to teach you.

Use a win PE USB disk guide or CD-ROM boot into the PE test hard drive to see if there is a bad way. Description is not enough, then try antivirus, or into safe mode try the last Windows configuration startup.

What about computer hard drive lights flashing?

The first step, stop unnecessary service, reduce the hard disk pressure

Win7 in the "Hard Drive Killer" system services are mainly the following 3: Windows defender,windows Search, as well as volume Shadow Copy. Windows Defender is the Win7 system protection software, the main function is to clear the simple Trojan Horse and rogue software, as long as the computer installed anti-virus software, it is not too important. Windows Search is the Indexing Service, and when you search for a file in your computer, it speeds up your search, but in fact, even if you turn it off, the speed of the search is not significantly affected. and volume Shadow Copy service We do not need, Win7 file properties have a "previous version" item, ordinary users do not require the entire function.

Step two, stop the service at the control center

On the keyboard simultaneously press "WIN" and "R" key, in the pop-up dialog box input "Services.msc", click OK we can see an interface. Win7 's various system services are concentrated here, and we can choose to turn them off or on. Find "Windows Defender" in this area, double-click a dialog box, click on "Startup Type", select "Disable" in the Pull-down menu, and the entire system service is stopped. Windows Search and volume Shadow Copy's disabling method is similar to this.

Enter "Services.msc" to find "Windows Defender" on the right and double-click the Drop-down menu to select "Disable"

Third step, stop two functions to reduce the hard disk pressure

In addition to the above 3 processes, some small settings for Win7 can also protect the hard drive, and these settings do not affect our use of the system.

Turn off System Restore

Click on "Computer" Properties "System Protection", select "Configure" and select "Turn off System protection" in the subsequent interface. The so-called system protection here is actually the Win7 automatic backup function, if you do not need to restore the system frequently, it can be shut down completely.

Select "Turn off System protection"

Step fourth, undo file compression and indexing

The purpose of file compression is to save disk space, but in fact this function does not save much hard disk space, almost no practical effect. The purpose of the file index is to enable users to find files on the hard drive more quickly, this function is very good, but Win7 will often check the index in idle, resulting in a large number of hard disk read and write operations, the use of 4G memory patch of the Win7 system to create a greater amount of read and write, so, It is necessary to cancel the file compression and indexing function to minimize the pressure on the hard drive.

Right-click on the hard drive letter, select Properties on the menu, in the pop-up interface, will "compress this drive to save disk space" and "in addition to file properties, but also allow the index of the contents of the file on this drive" the small hook before the two remove. Then click OK to exit. However, such operations are recommended only for non-system disks, such as the d,e,f disk we use to store movies or music, and the system disk is better left intact. Remove the hook from the small box!

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