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HTTP Error 500.19-internal Server Error Resolution method, there are many reasons for this problem, we can refer to, see what kind of situation.

A webservice test has just been deployed on this machine, and the "HTTP error 500.19-internal Server error" error occurred while browsing, as shown in the following figure:

After the inspection found that because of the first installation of IIS after the vs2008, simply re-register the ASPNET can be, the following steps

1 open to run, enter cmd into the command Prompt window.

2 into the c:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv2.0.50727 directory.

3 input aspnet_regiis.exe–i execution can be

Note: If the system is a 64-bit second step path to c:windowsmicrosoft.netframework64v2.0.50727

IIS7 error occurred on the server when processing the URL ...

Win7 running the ASP program is always an error, the original site configuration problem ...

Problem one: The MS jet engine changed the location of the temp directory, but did not have access to the temporary directory, causing the database to fail (because of SQL problems, then use the Access database test).


Add a user for "Authenticated users" to the "system disk: Windowsserviceprofilesnetworkserviceappdatalocaltemp" directory where the AppData directory is hidden, You can enter the path directly in the address bar when entering, or display hidden files in Folder options.

To set permissions step: Right-click the Temp folder, select Properties Select the Security tab Click Edit to come out of the Temp Permissions dialog box, click Add, and then enter authenticated Users in the "Enter object name to select" option (click "Advanced ... button, click the "Find" button, select authenticated Users in the search results, OK "return to" Temp permission ", authenticated the full control of users ' permissions on the hook, ok" OK ".

Question two: Is IIS7 by default does not send the detailed error the client, therefore only gives us a script error message (This information may modify): An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator. In this way, what is wrong is unknown.


Change the "Send error to Browser" Inside the ASP module in IIS7 to True.

It's critical, or you don't know where the mistake is.

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