What about Safari's slow surfing speed?

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Apple iphone is known as the iphone with its own browser safari Internet is slow, everyone will download a new browser from the Internet to use, so the Internet is convenient and fast. But do not want to use other browsers to surf the internet, just want to use safari Internet, but slow speed how to do? Small series to teach you to let Safari online to raise fast method.

Just follow these steps:

1, enter "setting"

2, open "Safari"

3, pull to the bottom to find "advanced" and enter

4, turn off "JavaScript"

After this option is turned off, I believe that Safari's speed of browsing the web is a little improved. It should be noted that Safari runs in the background if JavaScript is turned off and needs to be turned off and entered in the manager to take effect.

But as we all can expect, shutting down JavaScript requires sacrificing a lot of content, such as forum effects, social networking plug-ins, and online video. Therefore, close it in exchange for speed is worthwhile, but also to see your usual surfing habits.

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