What about the blue screen installed on the system?

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What about the blue screen installed on the system?

First, 0X0000000A

This blue screen code and hardware independent, is the driver and software conflict caused by the first discovery of this code is because the company's Dell Machine USB keyboard and QQ2007 keyboard encryption program has found this problem, but also in the IBM T series laptop driver error produced.

If your machine is blue screen, and every time it is this code, please think about whether the recent update of what software or what drive, uninstall it and look at it. Under normal circumstances can be solved, if really do not think up, and very frequent, then there is no way to do the system again.

Second, 0X0000007B

This code is related to the hard drive, but don't be afraid, it's not bad, it's a setup problem or the hard drive partition error caused by the virus.

If you are using the original system disk to install the system when the problem, it shows that your machine configuration is relatively new, as the old system disk, do not recognize such a new hard disk interface, so the BIOS to the hard disk mode into the IDE compatibility mode. Of course, people now use the ghost version of the operating system, compared to the new ghost disk is not the problem.

If your operating system has been used for some time, and suddenly one day this problem, then I am sorry, the virus caused by the boot press F8, select the last correct configuration, restore the normal mode then please do the system again.

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