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Line, Hong Kong version, the United States version of the "Yin and yang screen"

A user reflects, they just bought the ipad Air has a "yin-yang screen" problem, that is, the left side of the screen color yellow on the dark, the right temperature normal. And before the "Quality Gate", the emergence of the "Yin-yang screen" problem is not limited to the national line version, the Hong Kong version, the United States version of the same can not be exempted. Not only is Wei Feng, pp Assistant forum and other domestic Apple community users in the feedback of this issue, Apple official online technical Support forum also has some foreign users in the discussion of the IPad Air screen problem.

Most serious when looking at books and Web pages with pure white background

The "Yin-yang screen" problem has left many of the ipad Air's fruit powder in a dilemma to buy and not buy. In fact, it does not have much impact on the user's use of the machine. It is understood that screen problems in the white background to see the book or Web page when the most obvious performance, but if the external light is sufficient, the naked eye is still difficult to find. Of course, the user feedback is not vexatious, the problem is really real, other than that, psychological or a little influence.

IPad Mini 2 is also not optimistic if the panel is too thin

Apple has yet to give an explanation for the "Yin-yang screen" issue with the ipad Air. From the user feedback, the IPad air color temperature deviation is fixed, and universal, many users have encountered this problem after changing the machine, some analysts said, this may be due to the LCD panel is too thin, ultra-thin design makes it difficult to even the backlight. However, if the panel is too thin to say accurate, then finally put on the retina display of the ipad Mini 2 is not optimistic, because the ipad Mini 2 will only be thinner, not thicker.

The IPad air is now yin-yang screen or due to technology immature

National line, found that the left side of the screen about 1/3 of the area of the screen yellow, and the right side is normal white (that is, the so-called yin-yang screen)
On the forum to see a few show stickers, ni everyone's machine is so, do not know if my eyes to make or some people are slow, someone sent show posted by I see Yin and yang screen, and he has not found ...
Later this afternoon went to the shop to see the prototype, every day! There's no words! My groove!
Then look at all the threads downstairs, ni everyone in the Recruit!
The picture below is my machine, pay attention to look at the color of the two red boxes, the left is yellow, the right side is white + blue. The post of the landlord also caused the resonance of most netizens, and even netizens sigh: Apple's quality control is more and more loose, and there is no perfect brand in the world.
The so-called yin-yang screen, is in the high brightness because of the quality of the lamp on both sides of the screen has obvious chromatic aberration phenomenon. The problem has appeared on the ipad 3, the ipad disappears 4 o'clock and now appears on the ipad Air. According to Cnbeta News, whether it is online purchase, retail shop or distributor purchase of the machines have such a phenomenon, individual users even said after the machine still found a yin and yang screen.
For why the Yin and yang screen disappears again the problem, the Netizen guesses is due to the new thin screen technology immature result. Compared to the previous generation of ipads, the new ipad Air fuselage has been reduced in weight and thickness. The previous ipad screen was coated with indium and tin oxides to form an LCD insulation film, which, on the ipad Air, was less thick, and Apple used ITO and multilayer coating technology to enhance the transmission factor. In general, multilayer coatings will increase the thickness of the screen, but the multilayer coating technology used on the ipad's LCD will reduce the thickness of the screen and enhance the transmission factor, analysts said. At present, only a few companies in the world have mastered this multi-layer coating technology.

NetEase Technology

Apple has not yet explained the problem, hoping it is not a quality issue. Interestingly, there are now netizens also summed up the air appeared "yin-yang screen" of the probability, the intention to start air users may wish to look at its serial number.

If you start air, please post to see if you are experiencing this problem.

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