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  One, the monitor black screen

Black screen is our computer startup frequently encountered problems, black screen is usually caused by the following reasons:

1, look at the monitor power is not turned on, if turned on please check the power cord connection of the monitor is intact. Remember, if you don't turn on the monitor first, you'll create a black screen, and don't forget it.

2, such as the display power has been turned on, monitor power supply lamp display is normal, but the screen is not displayed, the reason may be the display brightness or contrast adjustment ratio is not appropriate, also do not rule out graphics hardware failure or monitor signal line and interface with the graphics card is not possible.

  Second, the computer can not start

After the computer is turned on, the monitor's power indicator is working properly, and the computer can be powered but unable to start. Solve the problem that computer can't start, recommend to use substitution method to solve. The so-called replacement method, will work the normal hardware, replace to the faulty machine, if it can start normally, you can determine which hardware failed.

  This failure is usually caused by several reasons:

1, computer host power damage, although able to boot, but can not start normally, please replace the power supply.

2, the motherboard COMs chip damage, especially after being CIH virus damage, the computer can not start normally.

3, the main power supply lamp is bright, no other alarm sound prompts, at this time may be CPU damage or bad contact.

4, the host device itself without any problems, but the host can be added power but not self-test, at this time may be the motherboard or CPU overclocking, restore the BIOS default settings. If the CMOS jumper is not found on the motherboard, the battery on the motherboard can be removed directly and the positive and negative will be shorted for 10 seconds.

5, network card damage or contact is not good, may also cause the machine can not start.

6, video card, memory and motherboard incompatible, will also cause the machine can not start.

7, the memory slot on the motherboard, the video card slot is damaged.

8, the memory of the gold fingers have rust, you can use the newer RMB rub gold fingers, and then plug into the machine can solve the fault.

9, the host has a large number of dust, resulting in poor contact with computer accessories, recommend the use of hair dryer or cleaning with hair rinse dust. Remember not to use compressed air pump to clean up the dust, because the compression pump work easily produce water droplets, with the exhaust, attached to the motherboard, damage computer accessories.

  Three, the machine can start normally, but can not enter the operating system

The computer can start normally, the hardware all runs normally, but the impermanence normally enters the operating system work. There are several solutions to the major failure phenomena:

1, the computer can start normally, the monitor before entering the operating system desktop normal, into the system desktop black screen. This fault is usually due to the high resolution of the display, please enter from the installation mode, remove the video card driver and re-enter it.

2, the computer can start normally, before entering the operating system to stop the boot error prompts, check the CMOS device startup settings or boot sequence is wrong. You will be prompted to find hints for interface devices such as a disk or IDE.

3. When the system starts, the prompt cannot find the hard drive. The hard drive power cable or data cable is not plugged in or is damaged. Reconnect or replace it.

4, the machine hard disk work properly, the error loading operating system prompts, please check the system partition is activated. If it may not be activated, reuse the partition software activation partition.

5, the boot prompts hard disk I/O error, please check whether the hard drive can work properly. If the hard drive works, the hard drive has a restore wizard similar to the Restore software installed and I/O protection is enabled. Please download the Restore Software eraser to clear the original hard disk partition table, or you can use the FDISK/MBR command to restore the hard disk partition table.

  Four, the machine can start normally, after entering the operating system for a long time no response or slow response

1, after entering the mouse cursor has, but can not move, press the keyboard number key (NumLock) no response. Please check whether the color of the display is 256 colors, because the use of the Vientiane environment Billing software, when the color is 256 colors, the machine will not respond. Please disable the billing software and change the monitor settings to normal.

2, the machine into the system all normal, working for a period of time will be no response, the mouse can not move, the keyboard also did not respond. At this time is generally the motherboard CPU, near the power block of the local capacitance damage, pay attention to observe, you can see the capacitor on the top of the cracks, or capacitors next to a light yellow liquid imprinted. This is a hardware corruption, please replace the motherboard. General small manufacturers of the motherboard, the use of recycled capacitors, often occurs when the capacitor burst.

3, the machine into the operating system to operate normally, when running a program after the crash, which is generally due to graphics driver version is not the result of the replacement of other versions of the driver can solve the problem.

4, the machine into the operating system, the mouse keyboard has a response, after a long period of time can be normal operation. This may be the start of the computer to load the startup software too much, cancel the automatic startup settings can be. If it is not loaded in the startup item, run the Msconfig command to check which programs are automatically loaded in the startup option and remove the unrelated automatic loader.

  Part II: Network Management maintenance Operations Note:

1, power off operation: in the machine for inspection and maintenance, is generally not allowed to live mobile host, so easy to make hard disk or other devices damaged. The power plug on the motherboard is not allowed to be charged, especially the power connector on the hard drive! Unplug the floppy disk drive or optical drive and other equipment to be used with caution! In the case of no guest, we should turn off the host to check and maintain.

2, light handle: Guests are using the computer, such as the problem can not be resolved quickly, the need to move the chassis, when the hand can be diagonally, or in the middle of both sides of the position forcibly clamped and then moved. Do not force excessive operation, larger vibration will also lead to damage to the hardware.

3, first understand after operation: by virtue of experience, but not blindly follow the experience. It is helpful to judge the fault correctly and to improve the working efficiency by fully understanding the other people's narration. Take a minute to think and go a little detour.

4, first judge the maintenance: Analyze the probable cause of the failure and write out all the solutions, then maintenance, which will improve the quality of maintenance. The rational work, the effect will be better, the equipment is more safe. More conducive to the accumulation of experience and theoretical improvement.

5, goods return: In the maintenance of many people, do not pay attention to the surrounding items placed in the environment and characteristics, in the mobile or maintenance, the goods conveniently placed. This problem must pay attention to, in the work, pay attention to the equipment next to the placement, raise hands, restore the original, more conducive to and other colleagues of communication, forming a certain tacit understanding, oneself develop a good professional habit. Other people may spend 20-30 minutes to display items, by you 1-2 minutes of turmoil, do-it-yourself, more can experience the hardships of others.

6, easy to clean: This is also a lot of people are prone to make mistakes, after the replacement of hardware, packaging and packaging with one hand still. This is impolite to guests and does not respect the work of other colleagues. It is everyone's duty to keep a good environment. Attention to the work of the collection of items together, the work will be generated after the disposal of the garbage reasonable treatment.

7. Archive record: Do maintenance to develop the consciousness of the registration form, out of the problem to register the maintenance list according to the regulations, and to the Customer service technician or network management to reflect the problem, and after work to them to put forward your problems, or look at the maintenance records such as network management, seek answers, open-minded learning, slowly accumulate experience

8, the work log: for the day-to-day failure of their own treatment, as well as in the day-to-day use of the skills found in the day, it is best to document the record.

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