What about the slow broadband connection? The boot broadband connection is slow

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Many friends in the dial-up connection when the broadband connection is slow and annoying, in particular, novice friends often encounter broadband connection slow but helpless, below to share how to solve the problem of slow broadband connection. First of all, we must first find the cause of the slow computer boot broadband connection, where the reason found, the difficulty of solving the problem has been reduced a lot.

  Computer boot broadband Connection slow what reason

1. Computer poisoning, resulting in ADSL dial-up program running slowly, computer resources by the virus depletion;

2. The computer boot up the program too much, you run the broadband connection and the program has not finished loading, resulting in the computer boot broadband connection slow phenomenon;

3. Computer hardware problems, such as network cable aging, routers or ADSL equipment failure, etc., these will also lead to the occurrence of the above problems;

4. The last reason is that the DHCP Client service generates problems when assigning IP to a network card, resulting in long time consuming and slow broadband connections.

  What if the broadband connection is slow?

Basically, the problem that the user encounters the computer to turn on the dial-up connection slowly is above all these reasons, below we teach everybody how solves this question:

1. Computer poisoning, of course, it is necessary to install anti-virus software or Trojan kill tools, a comprehensive scan of the computer, clear out the malicious program, and then try broadband connection is slow;

2. The use of computer optimization tools to optimize the computer's startup, prohibit some of the software is not commonly used to start running, so that the boot speed, computer idle resources are more, the use of broadband dial-up connection speed will be upgraded;

3. If the hardware equipment aging, you can change the network cable, or call the Internet provider for hardware equipment replacement. Next, we are going to solve the last problem, is to give the network card a fixed IP, so that the DHCP client no longer because the allocation of IP and time-consuming.

First, we open the command line, enter "Ipconfig", so that we can get the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the router;

And then just in the "Control Panel → network Connection", right-click the Local Area Connection icon, select Properties, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list in the General tab of the pop-up Properties window (figure), and then click the Properties button. In the Properties window that pops up, select the use the following IP address option and enter "" and "" in the IP address and subnet masks, and then click OK to exit the Setup window.

With these optimizations, the problem of a slow computer broadband connection should have been solved.

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