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In the United States, there are 23 million small enterprises, and 0.543 million new small enterprises will be added each month. Therefore, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, it not only requires a unique value proposition, but also diversified revenue streams and ample and powerful creative power.

Investment banks have investigated 17 unique companies online, and their business models have been verified by the market. These companies have a wide range of products, from retail app applications to fashion and new prices. Of course, these companies are rethinking their revenue models and constantly creating compelling value for both sides.

1. skillshare

Date of establishment: 2011
Founder: malcolmong and Michael karnjanaprakorn
Innovation Perspective: a platform that can learn anything

Previously, skillshare launched a similar
A "order" education platform allows teaching experts to teach a class in any discipline, and anyone can take this course, with only $20 or $25.

But in last March, skillshare was transformed. They launched a self-help package of $10 per month. This business model allows users to learn all the courses on the platform by paying only $10 per month. Unlike most education start-ups, skillshare's instructors are not professional professors from top universities. That is to say, if you want to be a teacher and teach you knowledge, there is no need to have a doctorate title. On the student side, things are much simpler, because the cost of learning knowledge is not expensive at all, and this platform allows you to "stay old and learn Old ".
Experience: relying on ordinary people with professional knowledge and smart wisdom, we have developed an education platform where people can participate.

2. sitich fix
Date of establishment: 2011
Founder: katrinalake
Innovation Perspective: relying on the trend provided by data and part-time fashion professionals to provide more intelligent and personalized styles

Katrina Lake, founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, said the company has explored a virgin land not found by others in the retail industry and is a combination of art and science. Her startup company has specialized algorithms to handle research on fashion styles of new users, and then provides feedback based on received information, helped stitchfix more than 300 part-time fashion designers in California and Texas develop the best fashion clothes for users, who will send gift boxes containing five fashion items to the ordering users, in addition, it will be favored by users.

Lake said, "No service provider can provide a truly personalized retail experience, and the price is still so favorable, only Stitch Fix does ."

Stitch Fix was originally intended for users in the Urban White-Collar community around the age of 25 because they were very busy and didn't have much time to shop, but these people liked fashion very much, I hope I can dress myself beautifully. With the development of the company, lake is very clear that she knows that there are not many women who don't have time to dress up. "Both the housewives who stay at home and the women executives in the workplace are facing stitch.
Fix praise. "We can focus on one thing and then provide users with an interesting and pleasant retail experience to bring them real personalized services ."
Experience: Using Smart Data to develop products can bring surprises and happiness to consumers and save consumer time.

3. warby Parker

Date of establishment: 2010
Founder: David Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andrew hunt, Jeffrey raider
Innovation Perspective: bypassing intermediaries, especially those giant intermediaries, and transforming a medical device into a fashion ornament.

The Influence of warby Parker is undeniable. Currently, technology reporters in the circle use warby Parker as an example. For a long time, the glasses industry was dominated by the luxottica group, but warby Parker made a difference in prices. They changed the luxury way of shopping for glasses, now it seems like buying shoes online. The consumer commented, "Hey, really, a pair of glasses only costs $95, so I will also have a pair of blue glasses.

"Warbyparker started from e-commerce, and now they have opened physical stores in the same location as luxury stores like Tiffany.
Parker has many glasses, such as the standard and alchemyworks. It not only removes intermediate links, but also adds many cool elements and social functions. What else can we attract consumers more at Ultra-low prices and fashion?
Experience: it has changed people's eyes on an industry.

4. Paperless Post
Date of establishment: 2008
Founder: jameshirschfeld and Alexa HIRSCHFELD
Innovation Perspective: This has completely changed the world of letters, starting from online and returning to offline.

Paperless Post was founded in 2008 and is the biggest competitor of the US Postal Service Company. It encourages people to publish announcements and invitations via email, and they have hundreds of design templates. This website is free of charge. However, if you need to use advanced templates and envelopes, you only need to prepay "coins ".

At the end of 2012, they created another revenue model and launched the Paperless Post Service, which allows users to design a card on the paperlesspost.com website and then electronically, or send it to the recipient in the form of a paper post.
Alexahirschfeld told the media that 60% of Paperless Post users want to send cards via paper post. "They told me that they like paperless post, but sometimes they also need to use paper to send things, because after all, the paper still has texture and can be saved for a long time ." At the same time, the company's digital innovation speed has not slowed down. In order to improve aesthetic design, they have cooperated with many designers to share their income. These famous designers include J. crew, Oscar de la Renta, and Kate
Spade, which is responsible for designing templates for Paperless Post websites.
Experience: Focus on Design Aesthetics.

5. zady
Date of establishment: 2013
Founder: sorayadarabi and Maxine bedat
Innovation Perspective: transparent sales, emphasizing the buyer's clothing manufacturing location and background information about the design.

Zady aims to change the way people look at fashion products, especially in the fast-moving fashion industry. Soraya Darabi and Maxine bedat, the company's founders, are very focused on providing high-quality, hand-made products that are made in the United States-"Made in America" and are environmentally friendly, in their eyes, less is more.
Experience: it is very important to tell the story of a product. It is also an important reason why people are willing to spend money to buy your product.

6. handybook
Date of establishment: 2012
Founder: Umang Dua, OISIN Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt, and weina
Innovative perspective: the customization of household services, such as room cleaning and household appliances, all services can be easily done through the mobile app.

We live in an era of customization. If we want something, we can't wait to get it right away. Handybook appeared at this time. They provided services in 26 cities across the United States and recently raised $30 million to help increase the team, especially the company's mobile engineering development team. Hanrahan said, "we set up handybook to help you solve the problems of housework services, and we can provide remote services and manage these services ." The number of handybook subscriptions per week exceeded 10 thousand. According to the company, their growth rate remained at 20%.
Experience: convenience is the key.

Date of establishment: 2006
Founder: briansugar, Lisa sugar, Andy Moss, Jason Rhee, Arthur cinader, Krista moatz
Innovation Perspective: diversified and symbiotic income streams provide services for POPSUGAR female users.

POPSUGAR's services cover people who are interested in entertainment, celebrities, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, and parenting, and provide services in various forms, including online, apps, TVs, etc.
In 2007, the company acquired shopstyle, a shopping search engine company. In collaboration with Birchbox, the company launched POPSUGAR must have, a fashion package recommended by POPSUGAR editors. POPSUGAR is now a global lifestyle brand with 41 million independent visits and 0.234 billion page views each month.
Experience: Content-driven business. People like all-in-one services.

8. naturebox
Date of establishment: 2012
Company founder: gautamgupta and kenth Chen
Innovative perspective: A brand new ordering service, naturebox subscribes to healthy snacks on a monthly basis.

Naturebox has received $64 million in funding to provide healthy snacks. So far, they have made some achievements in controlling food science and unhealthy additives. In addition, naturebox has developed more than 120 types of snacks and can be loaded with 1 million containers. Half of their subscribers are concentrated in the central and western United States, where there is a wide range of organic markets, and there are not many wholefoods supermarkets, and the competition is not fierce. "We solved a problem and sent better snacks directly to people's homes," naturebox's Amanda Natividad said. "We make those who love snacks very happy ". In 2013, the company experienced a 20-fold increase in website Blog traffic, indicating that more and more people are interested in healthy eating.
Experience: Make your own products different from those of your competitors and help your enterprise gain competitiveness.

9. hukkster
Date of establishment: 2011
Founder: ericabell and Katie Finnegan
Innovation Perspective: Tracking the products you want through inventory and making your shopping more enjoyable through a tinder-like interface.

Hukkster can provide consumers with the maximum discount information. Hukk it developed by this startup company
The chrome plug-in provides consumers with a one-click experience and easily tracks the discount codes (real-time) of the products you want to buy. These products include clothing and accessories, and household utensils (70% of discounts on the market are offered through discount codes ). Hukkster tracks discount codes and then sells them based on inventory levels. Then, it sends a Real-Time reminder to shoppers. According to Bell, founder of the company, the reading rate of the reminder email sent by hukster reached 70%. He believes that this is a win-win mode for both buyers and sellers. Hukkster works directly with the brand to drive traffic and efficiency, while consumers can get products they are interested in through discount codes. "

Currently, paying members of hukkster can shop directly on our platform (partners can send better and more personalized sales reminders by paying more commissions) "Bell said, "hukkster is very excited because we are currently in direct talks with many brand owners." Hukkster collects data through its own app. The interface of this app is similar to that of the Tinder app. Consumers can slide to the left to select a desired product and move it to the right to delete it.
Experience: shoppers like to save money. helping them achieve this goal will achieve a win-win situation.

10. Zola
Date of establishment: 2013
Founder: Shan-lynma, Nobu nakaguchi, and Kevin Ryan
Innovative perspective: a website that buys wedding gifts online, with very personalized wedding registration, supports group purchases of large gifts and "cash funds ".

Kevin Ryan, founder of the company, is a veteran of entrepreneurship who previously founded gilt and other startups in New York. He thinks that wedding registration is outdated and lacks imagination, as Pinterest helped couples imagine many creative wedding ideas, Zola is a website containing pictures, wedding recommendations, and other content. It also contains a list of gifts for unmarried services, I hope couples can tell their own wedding stories through this website.

Unmarried couples can create their own personalized websites through Zola. They can add photos or list their desired wedding gifts, such as kitchen utensils, food, and furniture. Ma said that the best-selling Zola is rocky cast iron frying pan, waffles, and noodle dishes. Unmarried couples can choose the time when the gift is sent, so as to avoid the situation where the gift arrives too early or is not used too late.
Zola's goal is to develop an o2o shopping platform with more categories. For this purpose, Zola is gradually increasing its service scope. For example, on Zola, you can find a lot of products that cannot be found in traditional stores.
Experience: a beautiful program and the ability to provide personalized services can help enterprises take a longer path and reshape the traditional form of wedding.

11. oyster
Date of establishment: 2013
Founder of formula: ericstromberg, Andrew Brown, Willem van Lancker
Innovative perspective: ebook, with a gorgeous user interface

E-books have become a trend, but Oyster has been successful in the past few years. In 2012, the social reading startup got founders
Fund made $300 in investment and then received another $14 million in funding. Currently, it has 0.5 million books, including news releases and the New York Times's best sales book, and the works of award-winning writers for the National Book Award. The number of publishers on its platform has reached 1600. Oyster's monthly subscription fee is USD 9.95, which is much cheaper than buying a book.
Experience: to embrace the trend of media consumption habits, we must provide an unacceptable price.

12. Uber
Date of establishment: 2009
Founder: traviskalanick and Garret camp
Innovation Perspective: the use of on-demand service drivers and dynamic prices revolutionizes the traditional taxi/transportation ecosystem.

Despite the legal dilemmas and pricing issues, Uber has become the most popular taxi hailing tool in some big cities in the world. So far, the company has raised $1.5 billion, and it also hinted that it will continue to expand to the logistics market, such as providing delivery services delivered on the same day or other errands. When you see countless cars on the street completing "Tasks", Bezos, do you see what the future looks like?
Experience: innovation is a tough battle, but it is also a very worthwhile battle.

13. serengetee
Date of establishment: 2012
Founder: jeffsteitz, Ryan Westberg, and Nate holterman

Innovation Perspective: self-funding, motivation-oriented clothing, and a group of campus sales representatives support a serengetee pattern on each clothing pocket, this was due to the fact that the company's founder had been linked to social undertakings in a certain region. Personalized shirts, standard colors, and pocket styles represent your support for a business and your contribution to solving some global problems.

"The information we deliver is not about saving the world, but we can change the world through a sustainable business model," said Ryan Westberg, co-founder of the company. They use the campus representative project to launch young people on campus. It is expected that 2500 people will join this summer.
Experience: If you build yourself into an enterprise that is personalized and focused on society, people around you will spread the "Gospel" for you ".

14. stylesaint
Date of establishment: 2010
Founder: allisonbeal and Brian garret
Innovation Perspective: under a fashion label, fashion and media are combined to stimulate design inspiration from customers' interests

Stylesaint is located in Los Angeles, and image sharing websites are becoming increasingly popular. Stylesaint perfectly combines image sharing with e-commerce. Users can create their own photos online into a personal "Fashion manual", and stylesaint will choose some of them for actual production, sell to users. Allison Beal, founder of the company, developed a Community model called the "creator's closet", and the company received a $1.01 million venture capital. This direct connection with consumers helps reduce inventory and is very beneficial to the fast-moving fashion industry.
Experience: customers are right, especially when the services you provide match their taste.

15. Airbnb
Date of establishment: 2008
Founder: brianchesky, Joe gebbia and Nathan blecharczyk
Innovation Perspective: creating a sharing economy, using vacant houses, apartments, and even their own homes, revolutionizes the hotel service industry.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb are plagued by legal issues. However, the entire market value is as high as 10 billion US dollars, while Airbnb has become a model of the sharing economy, of course, there are also companies such as rent the runway, lyft, neighborgoods. This behavior is called "collaborative consumption". The website helped 4 million travelers book their residences.
Experience: sharing is caring. the P2P model saves consumers a sum of money and helps the owners transfer money to create a more real local experience for travelers.

16. rent the runway
Date of establishment: 2009
Founder: assumerhyman and Jenny Fleiss
Innovation Perspective: rental of high-end clothing creates a "Cinderella moment" for others and provides women with brand opportunities to try and experience clothing that they do not often wear.

As Instagram and Facebook show more and more photos, this means women will prefer to wear clothes that are not repeated. Therunway allows users to rent clothes for important occasions at a price ranging from 10% to 15%, this solves the problem that most women have always been faced.
Experience: it is also an effective sales method to let users wear clothes that they dream.

17. Birchbox

Date of establishment: 2010
Founder: katiabeauchamp and Hayley Barna
Innovation Perspective: Order cosmetic boxes to satisfy your desire for "little devil" Beauty

Birchbox is a cosmetics start-up company, but it shocked the entire industry. Birchbox brings you a selection of professional cosmetics, and often brings surprises to consumers. The growth of the company has proved that their business model is very effective and has now received a financing of $71.9 million. "We still feel that we have just started, but at this moment, it is a turning point. In our opinion, this industry is full of competitiveness, motivation, and excitement ." The company's founder, Voda Beauchamp, said.
Experience: In a competitive industry, we have taken our own path through the selection of services. Of course, this road is still a long one.

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