What are CPS, CPA, CPC, and CPM?

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An online media (website) contains dozens or even thousands of pages. To survive, websites generally need to put online advertisements on their websites. The position and price of online advertising involves a specific page and the number of visitors. This is like the concept of "version Space", "circulation", or "period" and "rating" of radio media (such as television.

What is a CPL/CPL advertisement?

Paybyboot (cost-per-lead or cost-per-acquisition)
, Alliance members are charged based on the number of records provided to advertisers for valid visitor information. This method is available in the CPC
As some visitors do not have any valid behaviors after entering the advertiser website through the ad link of the Alliance's member website, for example, they do not provide any valid information, not to mention the purchase behavior. For Advertisers, such access is ineffective, and the cost does not produce any practical results. To maximize investment benefits, only a form is filled out and submitted by the customer, and the effective customer information is guided by the Alliance's Management System (
(LEAD) after the record, the seller pays the membership according to the number of boot records.

What is a CPC advertisement?

Based on the number of clicks (cost-per-click), Alliance members are charged according to the amount of visitors sent to the seller, that is, the advertiser website (usually the number of clicks. The Network Alliance marketing management system can record the number of times each customer clicks ads on the Alliance's member website and links them to the advertiser website, advertisers pay advertising fees for alliance members based on how much each click.

Currently, Google Adsense
This method is used.

What is CPM advertisement?

CPM (cost per mille, or cost per thousand; cost per impressions)
Cost per thousand impressions. The cost of each display of the advertisement bar is 1000 impressions.

The most scientific way to charge for online advertising is to charge based on the number of people who see your ads. Billing by visits has become the practice of online advertising. CPM refers to the average advertising cost for each person who hears or sees an advertisement during advertising. Traditional media mostly adopt this billing method. For online advertising, cpm depends on the "impression" scale. It is generally understood as the number of times a person's eyes watch an advertisement within a fixed period of time. For example, if the unit price of an advertisement banner is 1 RMB/CPM, it means that every one thousand people will receive 1 RMB if they see this banner. Similarly, 10 RMB will be charged for 10,000 visits to the home page.

As to the charge per CPM, You need to divide the price level based on the popularity of the home page (that is, the number of visitors) and adopt a fixed rate. In international practice, the cost per CPM ranges from $5 to $200.

What is a CPS advertisement?

Based on the actual sales (cost-per-sale), each member is charged to advertisers based on the actual sales he brings to the seller, generally charged by a percentage or a fixed commission ratio (sales)
10%-50% ). Merchants will not easily pay for alliance members. They will only pay for alliance members after the customers introduced by the Alliance have actually purchased the website (most of them are online payment.

What is a CPR advertisement?

CPR (cost per response) per response cost

Billing is based on each response of the viewer. This advertisement billing fully reflects the characteristics of "prompt response, direct interaction, and accurate record" for online advertisements. However, this is obviously an advertisement model for secondary sales, for brand advertisement requirements that have been met by just half of the names listed, almost all websites will reject them, because the chance of getting advertising fees is even weaker than that of CPC.

What is CPP advertisement?

CPP (cost per purchase) per purchase cost

To avoid the risk of advertising fees, advertisers only pay the advertising site fees based on the number of sales items after they click the flag advertisement and make online transactions.

Both CPA and CPP, advertisers require the target consumer to "click", or even form a further purchase, to pay: CPM requires only "witness" (or "impression") to generate advertising payment.

What is a PPC advertisement?

An online advertising pricing model that charges fees based on the number of users who click ads or email messages.

What is ppl advertisement?

The billing method is based on the billing model of each guided payment generated through online advertising.

What is a PPS advertisement?

A billing method based on the quantity of direct sales produced by online advertising.

What is a monthly subscription advertisement?

Many websites in China charge fees based on the "How much is a month" billing method, which is unfair to customers and websites and cannot protect the interests of advertisers. Although the Internet advertising billing methods are CPM and CPC, the network advertisement Charging mode for a period of time has always been vague, and network advertisers have their own responsibilities. Some use CPM and CPC for billing, and some simply use monthly subscriptions, regardless of the effect, no matter how many visits, one price. Although many large sites currently use CPM and CPC for billing, many small and medium sites still use monthly subscriptions.

In short, online advertising has its own characteristics, but playing with some fancy terms cannot solve the actual problem. A website must possess the advertising value, which has a certain development history, after making a decision on the target market, you can select different content websites and evaluate their historical traffic. In this way, you can estimate the price of an advertisement within a certain period of time. On this basis, or, depending on the nature of the ad, you can take the CPC, CPR, CPA and other things as weighting.

In contrast, CPM and monthly subscription are advantageous for personal websites, while CPC, CPA, CPR, CPP, or PFP are advantageous for advertisers. The most popular pricing methods are CPM and CPC, and the most popular one is CPM.

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