What are NTFS share permissions

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NTFS permissions are file systems in NT and Win2000, which support local security. In other words, it logs on the same computer with a different user name and can have different access rights to the same folder on the hard disk. Note NTFS permissions work for users who are from both network access and native logons.

There are three sharing permissions: Full Control, change, read

Tasks: Understanding Sharing Permissions

Step: Open a shared folder to view its share permissions

Note: Share permissions only work for users who access the folder from the network, and not for users who log on natively.

Figure One: NTFS icons

1. Connection and differences between shared permissions and NTFS permissions

(1) Share permissions are folder-based, that is, you can only set the share permissions on the folder, it is not possible to set sharing permissions on the file; NTFS permissions are file-based and can be set on a folder or on a file.

(2) Shared permissions do not work if the user accesses the shared folder over the network, and sharing permissions do not work if the user is logged on locally to the computer; NTFS permissions work regardless of whether the user is using the file over the network or on-premises, except that when the user accesses the file over the network, it works in conjunction with the share permission, and the rule is to take the strictest permission settings.

(3) Sharing permissions and file operating system-independent, as long as the sharing can be set to apply sharing permissions; NTFS permissions must be NTFS file system , otherwise it will not work.

There are only a few sharing permissions: Read, change, and full control; There are many types of NTFS permissions, such as read, write, execute, change, complete control, and so on. We can make very detailed settings.

2. Features of share permissions and NTFS permissions:

(1) Both shared permissions and NTFS permissions are additive.

(2) Either the share permission or the NTFS permission follows the Deny permission beyond the other permissions.

(3) When an account accesses a shared folder over the network, and the folder is on an NTFS partition, the user's final permission is the most restrictive of its share permissions and NTFS permissions on the folder. such as: A person to enter a yard, both doors open in order to enter. The door is like a privilege.

What are NTFS share permissions

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