What are PAAs in China?

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What are PAAs in China? (Transfer)


The merchants who appear in the market as carriers and provide basic network and system resources to participate in Saas products are called Paas.

PAAs vendors do not need their own technologies. They only need to be able to attract ISVs to join the cooperation and obtain shares after sales.

PAAs often uses SOA as a guise to better attract ISVs and exert additional value, mainly playing the role of matching ISVs.

Paas is similar to a news or video portal. The products actually consumed by users are not those of the PAAs manufacturer, and Paas is an isV portal and sales.


Based on this, domestic PAAs lists and provides you with a simple comment:


1. Alibaba SoftwareWww.alisoft.com

  I wanted to do the isV myself. After the failure, I changed to Paas. At present, I used to register the ISVs instead. That's all.

2. 800 customers Www.800app.com

  At the beginning of CRM, it was very hard to find and transfer risks to other lower-cost ISVs. Therefore, it was actually a small-scale SOA attempt to propose Paas.

3. China TelecomWww.saasw..com

  By adopting alternative technologies, the ISVs he needs are all traditional software. Still under research... it seems very advanced Paas. It is the least optimistic that China Telecom can develop rapidly.

4. OSS onlineWww.saasbb.com

  Websites are fake and actually act as traditional agents and distribution models. Their brains may still sell hardware.

5. Internal NetworkWww.xiaonei.com

   Is a more authentic paas, although born from SNS.

  Unfortunately, the internal brain cannot leave the SNS thinking, And the handwriting is too small.

6. Fengyun Network

  Most of them are SaaS manufacturers' navigation pages, which may not be as popular as my blog.

7. Building Block SoftwareWww.jimusoft.com

   A few confused buddies are doing something confusing. If they can succeed, it means that anyone in the PAAs business can succeed. So, everyone should work hard.

8. Sina BlogHttp://blog.sina.com.cn/saasfun

  The increasing number of applications is completely PAAs's actual action. It's just Sina's sullen fortune. One day, Sina will provide office software and CRM software on its blog. This is a real-life business.



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