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We're going to have some fun around the weekend, or about the website, but definitely let your childlike innocence, play on a whole afternoon will not be greasy, small series has put the top two sites have been collected, especially to remind college students, here is a help you drag the paper artifact Yo, hurriedly to accept!


A painting for a painting, is definitely the best designer leisure and entertainment site! After you draw a picture, click Submit Sketch, not only can see the master works, even the painting process can be fully presented! Especially interesting, just put a few pictures to feel:


A place that makes you feel like you have a talent for painting, play it yourself.

With a knowledge of the word thin artwork:

The following website, from the @ Royal Liu Xuan Classmate's recommendation, thanks:

  Hackertyper Neo

Disguised as a spy, let the Internet café crowd of schoolchildren worship your artifact!

The use of the method is very simple, you just casually on the keyboard on the tapping can continue to draw code, attention, must use vigorously! Make a crackling sound, so as to attract the attention of the primary school students! If you still have the conditions, please put on the three days without washing white vest, a pair of fat shorts and a pair of flip-flops, the mouth is best to diao only the cheapest cigarettes, Oh yes, a pair of glasses and greasy hair is also necessary, these will make you look more like a hermit secret agent, perhaps already have a pupil heart dark Xu, ready to worship you as a teacher.

Norse–ipviking Live

The first installation of X artifacts must support the Web site, the world's top network attack!

(note, this is said to be true, I read less, may also be cheated.) )

This site shows us real time global cyber attacks in a very gorgeous style. You can see the rank and number of the attacking countries and the countries in which they were attacked. With the first site, you can let the students believe that you are a big faint in the city of the hidden man, turn over hand for the cloud for the rain Agent big! PS: This site I stare at all the afternoon do not feel bored!

  File destructor 2.0

Escape the sharp weapon of the instructor's vicious pursuit! The last light of the late patient delay!

This site can be arbitrarily forged arbitrary file format, arbitrary file size documents, if your dead line is tomorrow and you have nothing to do now, then you can use it to delay at least 1 days of time.

Scenario Dialogue:

"Xiaoming, give me your graduation thesis, the whole school is left you."

"Good teacher, good teacher I sent to your mailbox, the teacher is that is called ' xiaoming ' Lunwen ', file size is 250KB Word document"

One day later

"Xiao Ming, I can't open your document, hint file damage"

"Hey, teacher I was normal before!"

"Then you send me a copy." ”

"Good teacher." Ah, teacher, I also hit the open source file!

"This ... ”

"Teacher I think of ways to repair, and give me some time!"

"Well," said the man. ”

Well, here's a few fun to share with your own dry site!


360-degree high clear no corner can be arbitrarily magnified site, so you stand in the difficult to reach the view of the magnificent scenery!

Note that the network will be loaded for a long time, the computer may be very card yo ~

With the local folk music, I feel like I've been here.


Formula character Web site

Are you still worried about complex mathematical formulas and chemical equations that can't be typed with a computer?! With this artifact, you can easily hand-painted the way out, to the computer automatically help you transform Yo!

Not only the engineering students, but also the art and music student can use.


A website that allows you to draw special lines

Still having no artistic talent to worry about? To use this, we only need special!

drew a look at the Liu Shan ~ ~

  Rainy Mood

Help you sleep, help you quiet website

Are you still worried about not sleeping? Are you upset that there is no atmosphere and no inspiration? Come on, let's enjoy a different kind of tranquility in the thunderstorm!

The site is also out of app, but it's going to cost. In fact, you just use the browser on the phone to open this site, you can hear the rain for free!

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