What are some of the more simple and practical PS techniques that look very big?

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P off redundant characters, change figure stature, deceitful Act, many people portrait, multiple exposure, stack, each listen to tall, a one-time learning! The point is, even if you do not have any PS basis, can also be directly used, super Dry goods collection!

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  One, the picture restores

In the post bar or some forums there are often such posts: someone took out a picture, and then said that there are superfluous things in the picture, ask the great God to put these things p off, revealing the original appearance.

After seeing the effect, small white will feel that this is very powerful, can restore the picture, some things have changed.

In fact, as long as the PS beginners know, it is very easy to do things.

Just use the Clone Stamp tool.

The technical content of this thing is not high, more is the test patience and careful, for the complex diagram, need to look for a lot of similar elements, and then slowly brush.

For simple picture restoration, use the automatic tool of PS directly:

For example this:

 Second, change the figure

A lot of pictures or photographs of the model's body has been changed.

But a lot of people do not have this kind of professional skill, sometimes change out of figure sibuxiang, proportion is uncoordinated.

Some people directly elongate the overall proportions of the body, but this can cause a person's facial deformation, like this:

The original image is this:

At this point we use the content of PS to identify the ratio, you can solve this problem:

Copy a layer and select edit-Content Recognition scale (shortcut key Alt+shift+ctrl+c).

At this time you pull the body to try again, you can find that the legs become longer, but the upper torso and face did not change!

Compared with the previous method:

  Third, deceitful act

We sometimes need to move a person or an object from point A to B, which seems to require deceitful act, but in fact it is also very simple things.

Use the PS Content-aware mobile tool directly, make a selection of the object you want to move, and then pull to the new location you want to place.

  Four, many people portrait

This effect looks very cool, in fact very simple, only need to use tripod fixed seat, and then several consecutive positions, and finally put these pictures together, with PS mask a wipe.

 V. Multiple exposures

The later stage of multiple exposure is actually very simple, is a combination of several mixed patterns, the real difficulty lies in how to put a few photos very good integration together.

 Six, stack

The word stack sounds very obscure and difficult to understand.

In fact, put a series of pictures together, and then through some sort of algorithm to choose the content of the picture.

For example, if the calculation is the maximum, it is a pixel that is brighter than two pixels up and down in each picture. So because the star is a high light point, so it will be eventually retained, if you take a lot of pictures of the stars, reflected in the final synthesis of the picture is a line (because the stars are constantly moving).

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